Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New Home map


The rain has stopped and Im hoping that it stays that way as I am off wedding dress shopping with my eldest this afternoon.  There's nothing worse than having dripping brollies in a sweaty, stuffy changing room and it is likely to be a trying day, literally!

Here's the card I made for her sister to give her when she moved to her first place.  Id seen something similar on Pinterest and just loved it. 

Have a happy week,
Keryn x

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Some Knitting


Thank you so much for your lovely comments, it was so nice even to know that I wasn't talking into the ether and great to be reminded of how lovely it is to receive a comment from fellow crafters!

Here is a throw and a cushion that I knitted in cotton for my eldest's study.  They've just moved into their first place together and the study is where she spends so much of her time marking and preparing lessons and she is a cold person so even in the summer she will be snuggled up with these!   It used a really simple 3 row pattern with no front or back and it was super easy to knit.  Im currently knitting more cushions for various birthday presents in all sorts of  colourways!
The weather here in the UK is so beautiful, I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as we are for we never know how long we've got it for!

Thanks for calling by,
Keryn x

Thursday, 2 May 2013

One for the boyz

Hello - long time no see!

I am so rusty at doing this I am keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes to plan!  
In my absent year I have mainly concentrated on other crafts and my youngest daughter got married last September too so it's been a busy year.  My eldest has just got engaged and is planning her wedding for next Easter so it's all go again!
I'd like to enter this into the monthly challenge at LoTV.
I hope to share some makes that Ive made over the coming weeks.
Thank you for your visit, if anyone does that is!
Keryn x