Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Oh blimey, it feels like Ive been away forever!  Well, what can I say, we must have been the luckiest campers in the country as we had glorious weather for the whole time we were away.  I believe it rained during the night twice but that was ok!  We went to a glade in a forest between Cullompton and Honiton.  It was a fab break and I didnt realise until I was away just how much I needed a holiday. Other than a load of physical problems whilst away, my mind and soul are rested!  Yay!  Thats a first for a long time!!

Well, what a bang down to earth Ive just had.  
As you all know I have been a keen and ardent follower of Pink Petticoat for a long while now, rarely making cards without using one or other of Liz's downloads.  Excitedly, I half expected to see an email about a new issue of goodies in my list of unread emails on my return but when I checked the site there was just the baby giraffe/elephant that I was sure I already had.

I hastily checked my PP files and couldnt find the full set, only the check paper set so I set about checking my emails where I found the download email containing all 4 files of that purchase.  For whatever reason, I know not now, I didn't download all of the files and as such they have expired.

Naively I emailed & asked Liz if there was anything that could be done, as clearly I had bought them all already and was willing to pay an admin fee; I was disappointed to say the least when she pointed out that I need to buy them again as that is policy.  
I do appreciate the need for policies etc but surely when a regular customer has a daft moment, surely something could have been done?
Ok, I admit it, I can't really afford to be buying them again but it was the principle of it that really hurt me most.  
Im not a swindler or con-artist trying to get something for nothing Im just a stupid fool whose medical conditions seem to play naughty tricks with me from time to time.
Is it just me?  Am I being daft?
Answers on a postcard please.....

Monday, 7 June 2010

Turquoise Flip Book

Hello, here is the flip book I have made for my eldest DD who's birthday is 8 days after her Sister's.  
I remember with fondness how busy June used to be when they were younger!  June was the main manic month in our family, everyone seems to have one dont they and mine was June!  I loved June! 

The sheer thought of it now makes me want to have a seat, where on earth did I get the energy plus I was working then!  
It feels like a lifetime ago.
The main baton for spoiling them now has been handed to their chaps!

This year is a little different as we will be having a special 'birthday' weekend with just them and me and I can't wait!  Its just 3 nights until we head down to Devon to set up the caravan ready for their arrival on Friday!
Just wanted to show you what this book looked like before it leaves my hands.  Steph is daft about Disney's The Little Mermaid ( I have to say, I do love it too!) so when I got this mermaid stamp a couple of years ago, with her in mind, I have finally inked it and coloured it specially for the book.
Some of the ideas are the same for both of the girls just so I dont hear the 'her's is nicer than mine'!!  

They will be 27 and 25 this year!  

This was us on our last girlie weekend, last September in Birmingham for the Wedding Show! 

I tell you, if I ever find that Fat Fairy who comes along at night when I'm asleep and sprinkles me with flab, I will wring her neck!

I doubt I will be back online before we go so I will wish us all some beautiful sunshine for the whole month of June!!  To be honest, being in a caravan, I just hope for it to be dry!
Take care

Friday, 4 June 2010

My Circle Flip Card

Hello, here as promised is the finished version!
On the front of the 'card' is a stunning image from 
Tiddly Inks and its the first time that Ive managed to ink her up; I like to keep some special things back for my daughters so here she is, I think she is just beautiful!  The front of her actual card is a super little swirly heart but I just wanted to personalise it so I hope it doesn't convene copyright rules.
You will gather from this that my gorgeous girl loves hot pink and bright orange!  If you are of a nervous disposition please look away now!  

I saw this image of a gerbera last year and I think it may even have been a blog award image - Im not sure - but I do know that Gerbera's are Laura's favourite flower so I printed a copy on glossy photo paper and layered it.  The sentiment is from QK Revolution die.
Here is a pretty little image called 'Light the Night' by Penny Black and the letters are QK Moxie font layered onto nesties.
The papers used are from the DCWV - Pocketful of Posies pad.
Here's the aerial shot!  lol!
I wont bore you with shots of every side, I like you too much for that!
This is the first time Ive decorated one and I look forward to having another play at what else I could use to adorn it but that wont be until Ive finished another one for my other daughter, in her colourway!
Thanks for calling in!
Keryn x

ETA: This idea came from the Whiff of Joy Inspiration Blog.  Sadly I dont have anything to assist me in cutting out 6" circles so I had to use my protractor and sharp scissors!  It took 4 circles of card then 4 circles of pp all hand drawn and cut!  There are some very wonky lines!!  lol!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Hello, blogger is playing up for me at the moment!  Of all days to play around, Im hoping it wont effect everyone's enjoyment of this fab day!

I've wanted to join in as I'm going to be AWOL for most of June due to our holiday so I had to stop all of my orders and have a little play!

Here's my desk today:
As you can see Im drowning in a sea of fuchsia pink and bright orange, they happen to be my DD2's fav colours so Im having a play with a 'circle flip card'. Ive made a tester - most unlike me! - but felt I had to as it is something completely new to me.  I will post it properly after her birthday.
Can you spot my very unartistic make to join in with today?!

My imagination is very limited I'm affraid, it deserves a Disabled badge on it's own!  I'm useless unless under pressure so I made this at the crack of dawn (whoever she is?).  It's been distressed, nearly as much as I was and it's a little hanging that I will put on my lamp every Wednesday and can store in it's usual place (where it had been since xmas waiting for inspiration) at the end of my shelves.
I'd just like to thank everyone who visited me last wednesday, you will never know just what a difference to my week it made!
Hope you all have alot of fun visiting as many as you can!

Hey Julia, big praise to you for setting this up in the first place as it's great fun!  I decorated this with solely you in mind as I know you dont do pink nor cutey!  Shabby Chic was just what came to mind when I was trying to find a style to try.

Thanks for stopping by!
Keryn xx