Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A quick share for Easter


Ive been going Easter crazy here for a few days, here's a couple I wanted to share.

A cute one and a floral one for today both made using Teri's images from the Delicious Doodles shop. If like me youve used flowers on your cards then why not come over to the Challenge blog and join in with our current challenge of flowers?

I would like to enter my top card into this weeks Friday Sketchers, I used their sketch on my card.

Hope the rain moves on asap as the sunshine is very sorely missed!
Keryn x

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My new ribbon storage

Ive been a busy bee today!
Makes a nice change I hear you shout!

This is what my ribbons looked like earlier, I hasten to add, this was just the loose cut ribbons, not the reeled ones as Id already done those a few weeks back.

I used scrap card and cut squares of 7cm then punched a half circle from 2 of opposing sides and began to wind the ribbon.  Finished off with a little rubber band, an A4 storage box and this was the result!

Keryn x

Monday, 28 March 2011

Going round the twist


Here's a card Ive made with a couple of challenges in mind.  The first challenge is having technical problems loading but the sketch I found on one of their DT's.  Here's the sketch

It reminded me of the fancy decoupage that was all the craze last year.

Here's my card

My friend Claire is the designer of this fab doodle and I think he looks such a striking chap in his monochrome coat!

Id like to enter this into these challenges
Sunday Sketch & Stamp (try back later if you want to join in too)

Keryn x

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Christmas Club using Pinky's sketch

Thanks Pinky for your sketch I really enjoyed playing with it.
I dont know about you but in my xmas boxes Ive always got loads of surplus toppers so I thought Id try to use them up.
These are little A6 cards and were oh so simple and quick to make.  The first card used a Kanban topper that I backed onto black card, I used my new bargain MS xmas lights punch and added a little peel off sentiment.

This one I kept in the monochrome theme and the stamped image is one from 2 xmas's back!  I really love my new BP and for this one I punched 1 in black and 1 in silver mirri card then snipped and glued, I loved it and can see I will really be using this punch alot for this xmas!

Our new challenge has been set by the lovely Sally and she has chosen this sketch

  If you fancy getting a few early Christmas cards made then why not come and join us?  All you will need to do is to make a xmas card using this sketch as inspiration then post it on your blog and let us know!  
The whole CC gang are listed on my sidebar.

You may wish to make a card as and when you choose or if you fancy joining us to make one every fortnight then why not contact one of us and you will be able to set a challenge through the year.
Keryn x

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Gardening Bea for Jules

psst, the weather wasnt meant to be very good today here but its gorgeous!  Cant shout incase it realises and shoots off!

Here is Gardening Beau and isnt she a little beauty!  Perhaps the colours are more for an autumnal card, I should have thought of that more, oops :(
The kraft type card is by Pink Petticoat and the pp is by Bearly mine.  The big bloom is Water Lily by MS - which was a swap with Clare x
Happy Birthday Jules (always with a heart Jules)!

Thanks for calling by
Keryn x

Friday, 25 March 2011



Oh its been a really lovely week here in the UK, Spring is very much on her way!  Its going to be even better from Sunday when the clocks go forward, at least this year it isn't going forward on Mother's Day!

Here is my card for this weeks challenge over at Delicious Doodles Challenge the theme is 'floral'.  Ive had this image a little while but hadn't used it prior to this as (and Annie please forgive me!) I didn't know what colours they were!  I did a quick Google and found lots of beautiful images.  The one that caught my eye the most was a water-coloured image.  So I hoiked out my paints (brand new and untouched by human hand) and had a go at watercolouring.  
Have to say it was so easy because Teri has done all of the shading so I just had to add a few light washes.  I think Im going to keep the paints out this weekend and have another play as it was quite addictive!
Hope you like the card and if you'd like to join in too, make a floral card and come and play!
Keryn x

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ever had one of those days.....

when you need a smile?  Me too!
I know most of you have seen this couple before but I felt the need to have a smile.  Ive got little Honey wimpering all over the place - shes been speyed but clearly it would have been her season as she's trying to huddle into every little nook and cranny she can find or create!
Plus, its Budget day, oh blimey well if that isnt reason enough to need a smile I dont know what is!
Gus and Stella from Bugaboo - link on the side, mocha papers by Pink Petticoat.
To be honest I think the fact that I couldnt find my new glasses for 36hrs then Steve found them on his bedside cabinet.........and before you ask, no it wasnt me, that probably hasnt helped!
Talking of him, have a peep at his latest painting on the right too, he's really loving his pet portraits at the moment but the next one will be a stonker!  Its poppies in close up!
Keryn x

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Flower Pot Card


I had a very busy weekend one way or another, I spent a lot of time researching an innocent looking card as seen on the fab San's blog (now if you look at this card you will have to close my blog as my version is very very amateur!).  I found utube videos and saw lots of written instructions and by that time felt compelled to give it a go!
Remember yesterday I said Steve took 2 cards for a colleague's sons...well this is for the younger son to give his Mum so please bear that in mind!

For a 1st attempt I suppose Im fairly happy but next time I will use larger flowers!  Plus, after all of this I realise the 'card' cant even stand up alone!  I played with a couple of bits of card to try to make a stand behind it but I soon gave up!  So if anyone knows a way round this please shout!
Keryn x

Monday, 21 March 2011

Hero Arts Clings


I hope youve all had a lovely weekend, Ive been busy with cards and also managed to finish some baby makes that Ive knitted so Im happy.

I am smitten with this new stamp!  I promise not to show it every day though!  I saw this last week on a blog by way of another 2 blogs and I just HAD to have it!  You know how it is, I was completely unable to restrain myself and if anyone else is interested it is Hero Arts Clings 'Large Blossom' and its best price (incl p&p) is at The Glitterpot!
Its stamped in Versamark clear and then embossed in white then the fun begins!  I made 6 yesterday and tried a different way of colouring them for research obviously!  This was inked with teardrop Colourbox chalk inks and the surplus rubbed off the white with a tissue.  I had a lovely time!
I made a couple of cards for a colleague of Steve to give his sons for Mother's Day, this is the card from the older of the boys so I hope he likes it!  More so, I hope Mum likes it!  

Thanks for calling in today
Keryn x

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Yorkshire Air Ambulance Appeal

Ive come on to ask if anyone could spare £2 to help keep the vital service of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.  Crafty Emma has pledged to raise £1000 towards this service following the sad loss of her much loved Dad despite the valiant attempts of the air crew.
She is having a push towards the final stages of her target and as such she has some totally amazing candy up for grabs for the princely sum of a £2 donation.  I know we are all feeling the pinch and it is straight after Comic Relief last night but if sometime between now and 1st April you feel that you would like to assist then here are a few suppliers of some of the candy!  Take a look!

Thanks for reading,
Keryn x

Friday, 18 March 2011

Stampin' for the Weekend

Hello all,
Yesterday we had the most wonderful day with my youngest and her fella and Murphy.  It was sooo lovely seeing her in her home with her little family.  I dont get many chances to get to her as hubby works weekends and as she's an hours fast drive away its not like I can manage it on my own in just an afternoon.
Anyway am back in my craft pod now and loving it too!
Here's a card Ive made and would like to enter it into the current challenge at 
Stampin for the Weekend which is Something for Mum.

Again Ive used Chris Darks beautiful shoe and finished it off with lots of tiny black seed beads.  I think Ive shown enough cards with this shoe so really should put it to bed for a while now!
Hope you have a great weekend.
Keryn x

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Rant about Santander

Well I'm sure I'll feel better after this rant so feel free to ignore!

It's taken my bank 2 months of me ringing and complaining to get a very simple issue resolved.
I have to say when I first heard that Santander were going to be taking over Alliance & Leicester my little heart sank and sadly, it has proved to be justified.

A simple online one off payment that glitched and went who knows where ended up with me being told by them in writing twice to request the money back from a NatWest account somewhere as I had entered the wrong details.  I wouldn't have minded if I had put in the wrong details but the system didn't let me get that far.
  Anyway after yet another call, costing me for the privilege a very nice man credited back the missing payment immediately and apologised.  No mention of recompensing me for my 7 emails, 9 phone calls etc etc.
What a RUBBISH bank they are.

Is it only me but is anyone else sick of the lack of Customer Service in this country?  No one seems to be bothered to do their job properly, it wasn't like this when I was working, if I had messed up, I had to apologise and rectify it but not these days.

Right, Im off now to find another bank who will give us the same OD facility!
Thanks for listening!
Keryn x

ssssh, dont tell Claire

but here's another card!  She's really gonna tell me off!
Im a bit confused though as I am feeling fine now but it's nice to be cared for, either that or she just doesnt want to see any more of my stuff!!  lol!

Here's a card using the handbag image by the fab Chris Dark Ive used more papers from Michelle Martin at Designer Digitals.  A band punched with an MS border and a few little flowers using off cuts.

Best be off before Im caught!
Keryn x

Monday, 14 March 2011

Back to Nature Notelets

Good afternoon,

I am whacked!  Steve has got whatever I had (but without the asthma attack) so Im run off my feet, I suppose I shouldnt have decided to hoover the stairs and landing, lounge and dining room before breakfast as I think that was the day's energy spent!

As I might have mentioned on yesterday post the beautiful image was from a set by the very talented Katie Pertiet and if you are interested you can find more of her work on

Here is a little set I made with the remaining images

My photography skills leave a lot to be desired, I am hoping to get a white out tent shortly so hopefully things can only improve!

Ive made them into a set of notelets, I hope you like them.
As you can tell, it took me ages inking the papers and die cutting the embellishments!
Have a lovely Monday everyone!
Keryn x

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Christmas Club 13.03


Have had a nice and quiet week, it gave me enough time to catch up on some much needed makes and this was top of the list.  This is my card using Clare's gorgeous sketch:

Ive stuck with ivory and black for this card and this is the 1st airing of a new set of images I bought from Designer Digitals, it is 'Found In Nature 3' by Katie Pertiet and comes in a set of 7 vintage engravings.  The card is A5 in size.

Our club is growing by the week so why not come and join in too?
The next challenge is set by Pinky and this is what she has chosen:

She's chosen a fab sketch to get our xmas stash increased by at least one more card!  If you fancy playing along just use this sketch to inspire you and post your card in 2 weeks time, Sunday 27th March and let us know, it couldn't be easier!
I think my turn to choose is coming up in the next couple of challenges and I wont be choosing a sketch - just a little sneaky preview!

Thanks for calling in, have a lovely week.
Keryn x

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Crochet a Rainbow with me?

Back again, you know me I am a complete sucker for a good cause and when I saw this on Monday on Fi's blog I just knew I was going to participate!  Im a self taught crocheter (techie term I guess!) and doubt I could do anything other than a Granny Square but to be honest, that is all that is needed so I am happy!

Sarah London is behind this brilliant idea to help the people of the recent floods in Australia, namely Queensland and Victoria.  Go here to get more information.  Sarah has even loaded step by step photos for those of us that need a gentle reminder as to what to do so we can actually get going on a few Granny Squares!  Why not get your hook out with some spare wool and give it a go, it is so addictive!  Just watching tv last night I rustled up 5 squares, here's 3 of them.

Whilst I was sick I couldnt face any card making at all but not able to just do nothing I found myself whizzing up some snazzy socks for my daughter!  Now if I was to tell you that as a Mum of 2 young girls, I was very anal about socks!  They just HAD to be white and only white so for me to knit these, you can tell Ive had a bump to the head!!  Hope you like them!

Keryn x

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Twinkle Shine

Good afternoon!

It is a beautiful sunny day here and it really does make me excited for Spring to arrive any time soon!  I managed my first walk out yesterday with the dogs and Steve, it took simply ages but the weather was just too good to sit indoors.  I thoroughly enjoyed it even though it completely exhausted me.  I dont think Ive ever had a chest infection that's been this bad before as it is taking weeks to completely shake off!  Onto some cards!

I found these gorgeous digital papers on Designer Digitals ( and this set is by Andrea Victoria and is called Twinkle Shine paper pack.  Oh what a beautiful name!

This set were to be image free.  I want to diversify a bit with my cards at the moment, things are feeling quite stale for me so Im going to try a few different things.

The 6" square is probably my favourite of them although no image and no sentiment left me feeling quite unsure about it!
Thanks for visiting!
Keryn x

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Hello girls, it is sooo lovely to be back even if just briefly.  Im over the worst now and just counting the days until I can get my life back to normal.  
Here is a card I have made for our last sketch by the Christmas Club, this was supplied by the very lovely Claire and Ive been admiring Pinky's White cards for some time now and it was in my mind that I wanted to give it a go.  She made it all look so easy and Im glad I stuck with it as Im quite happy with my first attempt.

I used some pearlised white card that shimmers a soft gold.
Right, now that Im up to date I just need to crack on with the current challenge for this fortnight!
Thanks for calling in,
Keryn x