Thursday, 1 April 2010

Pearly Poppy

I was drooling over a lovely painting in a shop this week and this is what my DH painted for me, this is his version of it!  When he showed me my jaw nearly hit the floor as it is just gorgeous!  The photo doesnt show the texture but you can just about see that it is pearlised.  It is on a chocolate background and will be in our bedroom once it is decorated in a few weeks time.  I love paintings that you can feel even though Steve just doesn't 'get it' so for him to make me one just the way I like them, I am tickled pink!
You can see the artist peeping from behind it!
I think I should start to post a few of his paintings as they are throughout the house and I love them.

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you all enjoy a lovely time whatever you are doing.
Thanks for looking

Keryn x


Crafty Chris said...

Stunning what a talented OH, please do show the rest, he should be selling them if he doesnt already.
Christine x

Jules said...

Wow Keryn .. .. what a talented and artistic couple you are.

Steve's painting is awesome. How lucky you are to have someone who wants to create such gorgeous paintings for you.

Have a great Easter.

Love Jules xx

Claire x said...

What a lovely thing to do for you and I bet it saved him and you a load of cash! lol. Definitely post some more of his work and I agree with Chris if he isn't selling his work yet, he should. Hugs, Claire x

Wipso said...

Wow wow wow. What a stunning painting. Please show more.
A x

Kim Piggott said...

This is utterly stunning!
kim x

pinky said...

Wow is he one talented, thoughtful husband, a definite keeper, both painting and hubby lol. happy easter Keryn.

Larisa said...

wow!! it is a great painting!!! I am sorry I can't paint at all. I wish I could do it one day.. To paint is so special craft!

Pretty-In-Ink said...

WoW!!!! It's really STUNNING keryn! I love the texture and the beautiful shine of the pearlescent paint!
How lucky you are to have such a talented Hubby to create such a beautiful painting for you! xx

Sue C said...

Oh wow Keryn, this is gorgeous ! It's made me go all goose bumpy ! What a fantastic hubby you have. Have a lovely Easter. Sue C x

Clare said...

You have one talented hubby Keryn!!! what a lovely thing for him to do. So much nicer receiving a handmade pressie. Certainly will have to put more of his work onto your bloggy. Hugs Clare xxx

Hope Jacare said...

It's beautiful Keryn - wonderful colour and texture. I am just decorating at the always as much paint on me as the walls - shouldn't be left in charge of a roller! Have a great Easter. Cheers Claire x

Sue C said...

Hi Keryn, yes you can use white emulsion for the layer on layer technique. I have used Gesso, but I think the emulsion will do a similar job. Give it a whirl ! Sue C x

Twiglet said...

Wow Keryn - not only is he one talented hubby he is also a very thoughtful one! Would love to see more.
Hehe word verification...phluse.. I sounded it out as floosie - I am not a floosie -honest!!!

Jilli said...

OMG ... how romantic, never mind how talented! Its absolutely gorgeous and would look better in my bedroom i'm sure and my rooms decorated ready LOL! Would love to see more of his fab creations.

Regarding the card recycling ... i can't bear for anyone to throw one my cards away after i've spent some much time on them, so if their not gonna keep em i ask for them back and reuse them by just changing the sentiment and verse. Then if the next person who gets it wants to throw it away for some reason it doesn't seem to matter LOL!

Hugs Jillix

Sarita said...

Wow-what talent! And what a thoughtful hubby you have,
Thank you for letting me know about my bloken link-I have now fixed it!
Have a fab Easter,
Love Sarita xx

Donna said...

Wow Keryn, this is beautiful, what a talented hubby you must be so proud of his work and how fantastic that's its tactile too :) Donna x

Annie said...

wow! what a stunning piece of art and a truly special gift.
Happy Easter to you and your family.
hugs, annie x

Tasha said...

WOW thats an amazing piece of art! Isnt your DH super! And very talented. Gorgeous
love tasha xx

Mina said...

wow Keryn your husband is a real artist, stunning painting, he should paint these and sell them
Mina xxx

chris said...

Hello Again
this is perfection itself love it.
hugs chris xx