Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Bring out your old, I mean OLD photos!

Me and my big mouth, well I am nothing if not true to my word so here goes!  My friend Chris (AKA Crafty Chris) posted an old photo of her with her best mate way back in their school days.  I happened to mention what fun it would be to join in and get as many as possible to post an old (preferrably) school photo of themselves on their blog!  Chris has reminded me daily (lol!!) to get my photo on so here goes!  
I had an absolutely awful school photo of me doing the stupid pose of hand on cheek and looking aimlessly into the air - all instructed by the school photographer mind you, it sure wasn't my idea!  Well, Ive been through all of my photos and I can't find that one anywhere, I have a feeling I did my usual, rip and shred action on it as it was so cringeworthy!  That's the honest truth!
Instead Ive found a 3 others than I stupidly willing to share!

Above is my Nan, Mum, me and my oldest sister Jacky.  Yeah, I was the late surprise to Mum aged 40!  I like it as my Nan is in it as she was the only grandparent I ever met so she's pretty special to me.

oh blimey, I mean, what on earth am I doing posting this??  I guess Im about 7 here?  This is my Dad's idea of 'smiling for the camera'!

and this is me with my nephew Lee.  We got on great and were really close during his childhood years.  This would have been taken at about the same age (@ 14) as me on the school photo so I thought Id better share it in lieu of the missing school one.

There we go, how cringing are 2 of these?!
If you fancy having a laugh too, add a photo or two from your childhood and let us know!

Ive off to be sedated now!
Keryn x


Crafty Chris said...

OMG you did it brave you well done, I know how you feel, cringed when I did mine, my mum was the same age as yours when she had me, and I only remember 1 granny, do you remember the thingy's that they had on the back of the sofa and on the arm, will have to get into the loft and hunt out the photo's now, and you are the picture of your mum, and still know it is you.
Fantastic Chris xx

Twiglet said...

I love old pics - maybe I can unearth some of me and Wipso - lol!!!!!

Kim Dellow said...

Love your photos! Kim

Claire x said...

These are fab Keryn - I saw Chris' photo - both very brave - now I'm not so sure I can actually do this though LOL. Hugs, Claire x

Annie said...

great photo's Keryn! and I've joined in too .. .. must go take a look at Crafty Chris's too.
hugs, annie x

Kerryn said...

lol! i Loveeeee old photos! I LOL'd at your dads smile in that photo! He looked like a fun dad!

Kathie said...

OMG Girl you are so so brave, I think I'll use the excuse that I can't find my photo's and I've put them away in a very safe place so safe I can't find them HA Ha Ha

Hope Jacare said...

What fabulous photo's Keryn - one of these days I'll get into my loft and give you a giggle. As to the school ones...not sure if I can bear those wonderful haircuts my mum gave me or the batwing jumpers!!!!! I really love old family photo's and you like like you had fun! Cheers Claire x P.s. on the last side of the roof......

Clare said...

OMG Keryn these pics are absolutely fab!!!! look at little Keryn!!! so cute. Your Dad's face nearly made me pee my pants!!! how funny is that. Well you know Keryn, you have been brave and Chris has so maybe i just may be too! watch my space!!! big hugs Clare xxx

Paula Gale said...

Keryn, I've just been playing on google reader to see how it worked, and it showed me your blog so i started to look at your latest posts. OMG you are so brave - not sure i'm this brave... but it would be good to take part - i might have to dig some out of my box.

Hope you are well

Paula x x x

Rupert said...

I love old photographs and yours are brilliant. Keeping a moment in time might mean little or nothing at the time but my goodness what a comfort in years to come. This generation will know nothing of the excitement of waiting to collect photographs from Boots and seeing which ones came out. They tell us too so much about how we were. I think your Dad and Gran, look wonderful. The sort of people you'd love to have known. Thank-you.