Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Beware of 'Teamviewer' phone calls


Just a quickie to warn everyone that there seems to be a big scam involving Teamviewer software.
On and off my PC gets stuck and it ends up suggesting I send the error report to Microsoft to report the incident which I often do so when the phone just went and an Indian chap was saying he was from Microsft regarding the errors on my pc I didnt initially get too concerned.

I am not pc confident - Im just a user who can do what I need to do on one.
He went on to talk me through going to the 'run' programme and enter something which then brought up a long list of 'things'.  He said that these were all areas of my PC that were not working correctly and he could fix it.

I was now getting a little suspicious as who rings to offer free help with such things?  It had never happened before so I cautiously proceeded as he asked my to open another window and input Google, done, next input 'Viewfinder'.

  At this point 'Viewfinder Scam' came up and I quickly had the chance to open the link and see that my chappy was trying to get access to my pc.
I asked him again who he was working for and this time he said I Expert - totally different to the 'Microsoft' he first told me.
I thanked him for his call and hung up, well sort of!

Having now read lots about the scam I can see I was very lucky indeed.  Seemingly Teamviewer, like its very name suggests, is a legitimate programme that will allow entrance to a PC from a group of people, so ideal in the office environment with many people needing to access the same PC.  In the hands of the scammers this is then is situ to begin to strip all of your personal information from your PC, you will know the rest.

Please be careful incase you get a call too.
Keryn x


Teri said...

B****rds!!! You was indeed a lucky gal! Thanks for the heads up hun!

Claire x said...

Never trust anyone who calls - you were very lucky hun, it could have been alot worse. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Claire x

Happy Days said...

Hi Keryn

Sorry this happened to you hun. Good job you realised in time. Thanks for sharing.

Claire x