Sunday, 26 July 2009



I have been given this award by the lovely Sue over at her blog Thank you very much for thinking of me Sue, I am thrilled! Not only did I have this lovely award passed to me I also found another fantastic blogger, Sheila, who's work is FANTASTIC so I am doubly pleased now!
I would like to forward this award onto Rosie Michele and Juls. Please hop over and check out their blogs when you can, they are lovely!

Hope to be back later with a card or two. Thank you for calling by, I really love the company!
Keryn x

Im sorry I dont think my links are working, again!
Here are their sites:


Craftyrose said...

Thanks hun! That's so sweet of you! xx

Biscuitlid said...

Well done you, very deserved

Juls said...

well done on this award, thankyou so much for passing it onto me! Its made my day! ta

michele said...

well done keryn well deserved! thank-you for passing it on to me! so sweet of you hugd mx