Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Oh blimey, it feels like Ive been away forever!  Well, what can I say, we must have been the luckiest campers in the country as we had glorious weather for the whole time we were away.  I believe it rained during the night twice but that was ok!  We went to a glade in a forest between Cullompton and Honiton.  It was a fab break and I didnt realise until I was away just how much I needed a holiday. Other than a load of physical problems whilst away, my mind and soul are rested!  Yay!  Thats a first for a long time!!

Well, what a bang down to earth Ive just had.  
As you all know I have been a keen and ardent follower of Pink Petticoat for a long while now, rarely making cards without using one or other of Liz's downloads.  Excitedly, I half expected to see an email about a new issue of goodies in my list of unread emails on my return but when I checked the site there was just the baby giraffe/elephant that I was sure I already had.

I hastily checked my PP files and couldnt find the full set, only the check paper set so I set about checking my emails where I found the download email containing all 4 files of that purchase.  For whatever reason, I know not now, I didn't download all of the files and as such they have expired.

Naively I emailed & asked Liz if there was anything that could be done, as clearly I had bought them all already and was willing to pay an admin fee; I was disappointed to say the least when she pointed out that I need to buy them again as that is policy.  
I do appreciate the need for policies etc but surely when a regular customer has a daft moment, surely something could have been done?
Ok, I admit it, I can't really afford to be buying them again but it was the principle of it that really hurt me most.  
Im not a swindler or con-artist trying to get something for nothing Im just a stupid fool whose medical conditions seem to play naughty tricks with me from time to time.
Is it just me?  Am I being daft?
Answers on a postcard please.....


Claire x said...

Its great to have you back hun (which I've already told you in a separate email LOL) but hey! Can't believe as a regular customer she won't send them to you again, especially as you have been on hols! It is a pain when you buy downloads as you only have a set time in which to download them or a number of times you can download them. I would reply stating that OK you have policies but as a regular customer who is willing to pay an admin fee for their inconvenience, surely they could overlook their policies at this time, afterall it was a genuine mistake, you've been away for 3 weeks and not realised that the whole file had not been downloaded. This would also affect any future purchases you have with them - if you were stubborn like me - if any! You have nothing to lose hun. Hugs, Claire x

Crafty Chris said...

Glad to have you back missed ya.
Well Im sorry but if that happened to me I wouldnt buy anymore, love them or not, when you are a good customer, I could see if it was your first or second purchase but not when you are a avid fan. Glad to hear you had a good time away, and came back all refreshed, get crafting woman hehe.
Christine x

Twiglet said...

Glad you had a good break - hope you are chilled and relaxed. Bit weird treatment from the download lady - that won't promote good trade relations will it.

Clare said...

Hey gorgeous im so glad you are back. I have so so missed your beautiful cards & emails. Im glad that you felt chilled and had a wonderful time. I am totally with what Claire said on that digi site matter. I would definitely appeal to her one more time and note the amount of times you have purchased from her in the past. If she does not play ball then totally boycott her site hun. That to me is total greediness on her part and she will be losing a valid customer. Unfortunately there are still some ratbags in the crafting community!!! big hugs to you angel and keep your chin up cause we all love you. Love Clare xxx

Steph said...

Hi Keryn, so glad you had a lovely holiday! I'm glad you feel recharged and rested. What a shame about the Pink Petticoat thing. I think that that is crazy. If she checks through her records she should be able to see how many downloads you've ordered through her. If you were doing something dodgy like reproducing them, all you would have to do is photocopy the images!!!! How totally unfair. At least posting it on your blog will make others aware of the situation and maybe she'll realise it's not a great way to treat your regular customers. xxx