Monday, 7 June 2010

Turquoise Flip Book

Hello, here is the flip book I have made for my eldest DD who's birthday is 8 days after her Sister's.  
I remember with fondness how busy June used to be when they were younger!  June was the main manic month in our family, everyone seems to have one dont they and mine was June!  I loved June! 

The sheer thought of it now makes me want to have a seat, where on earth did I get the energy plus I was working then!  
It feels like a lifetime ago.
The main baton for spoiling them now has been handed to their chaps!

This year is a little different as we will be having a special 'birthday' weekend with just them and me and I can't wait!  Its just 3 nights until we head down to Devon to set up the caravan ready for their arrival on Friday!
Just wanted to show you what this book looked like before it leaves my hands.  Steph is daft about Disney's The Little Mermaid ( I have to say, I do love it too!) so when I got this mermaid stamp a couple of years ago, with her in mind, I have finally inked it and coloured it specially for the book.
Some of the ideas are the same for both of the girls just so I dont hear the 'her's is nicer than mine'!!  

They will be 27 and 25 this year!  

This was us on our last girlie weekend, last September in Birmingham for the Wedding Show! 

I tell you, if I ever find that Fat Fairy who comes along at night when I'm asleep and sprinkles me with flab, I will wring her neck!

I doubt I will be back online before we go so I will wish us all some beautiful sunshine for the whole month of June!!  To be honest, being in a caravan, I just hope for it to be dry!
Take care


Chris said...

Ah, three beautiful girls in a really gorgeous photograph! Hope you enjoy your break in Devon and that it stays dry for you Keryn. The little book is gorgeous and I'm sure both your girls loved them. Hugs, Chris x

Biscuitlid said...

Wow Keryn you lot look like sisters not mum and daughters! You all look fab and your flip book card is pretty damn gorgeous too

Juls said...

wow this is brilliant! so creative! Hugs Juls

Claire x said...

This is absolutely gorgeous Keryn and it looks like you have these flip cards down to a fine art! I love it and the colours are beautiful. Lucky you, holidaying in Devon, hope you are taking your crafting stuff with you - inspiration by the beach! Will miss you not being on line, so have a fab time and catch up with you very soon. Hugs & love, Claire x ps. If you see that fat fairy before me, you can wring her neck for me too - I need the skinny fairy to sprinkle dust on me! LOL x

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Keryn
that is a gorgeous photo of the 3 of you, 2 beautiful daughters, the one on the left is the picture of you same eyes, love the book gorgeous colour have a look at this link I think you will like it, shoe and flower is on sidebar.
Christine x

Wipso said...

I hope you girls have a really special [dry] weekend :-)
A x

Annie said...

I love the aqua colours on this fabulous flip book - and I have that mermaid stamp in a drawer somewhere!
hugs, annie x

Jules said...

Hi Keryn

This is brilliant - I haven't seen one of these before. Your girls are going to love them.

Great photograph of you all. Such beautiful daughters. They clearly get their looks from you as you all share the same mouth and gorgeous eyes.

Have a wonderful time away together.

Love Jules xx

Hope Jacare said...

Keryn - weesht you - you look fabulous and sooo young! That is another fabby card as well. Enjoy your girly weekend and I'll keep my fingers crossed it stays dry!

Glen said...

I LOVE that photo of you Keryn - and your daughters. That flip book if beautiful - the colours, the design and the mermaid. Have a fun time in Devon. TFS. ~Glen~

Glen said...

Hi Keryn.I have nominated you for a 'Creative Writer' award on my blog. Come on over to collect it. *Ü* ~Glen~

Clare said...

Wow Keryn yu and your two girls are stunning!!! you definitely look more like sisters. Three very pretty ladies & so alike. BTW you must start praising yourself more hun as we all can't be wrong, you are gorgeous!!! and very talented, that card is amazing and both girls will totally love them. I do hope you have a great holiday away with the girls & the hubster. I will keep everything crossed for good weather for you. What am i going to do without my Keryn fix for the next 2 weeks??? i am going to miss you & your emails & blog so much!!! just make sure you get to all of those yummy craft shops in Devon. Miss you darl. Love & hugs Clare xxx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Love the flip card, great colours :-) I have a couple of those mermaid stamps :-)
Anne xx

Julie said...

Love your little book Keryn, really cute and such lovely colours. I hope you enjoy your break.

Hope Jacare said...

Hi Keryn - there is something at mine for you - a bit of fun! Cheers Claire x

Darcy said...

love your circle flip cards, I have had one on my list of things to make for aaaages. I really must have a go. Stunning photo of you and your girls.

Emma said...

Such a beautiful book Keryn, gorgeous colours and details.
Hope you have a lovely break.
Hugs Emma x

Steph said...

Amazing card, Keryn! So much work you've put into it, I bet she'll love it. Gorgeous photo of the 3 of you too, your daughters are so beautiful, they look really lovely x

Jenny said...

This is a great project... love it :) :) :)

Sue C said...

Missed this one ! Must have been asleep. How gorgeous is this then ! Beautiful photo too, you all look stunning ! If you find the Fat Fairy can you give her a slap from me too ! I've left you a little something on my blog, if you want to have a go. Sue C x

Alicia said...

A beautiful flip book and a beautiful picture of you and your girls. You all have the smae coloured eyes - gorgeous!
Alicia xx