Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Hello, Ive just nipped on to sort some awards that Ive been lucky enough to receive this week.
The first is this fab little cupcake award, well that caught my eye for a start!  This was sent to me by Claire who makes stunning cards and is mad for decorating!  Thanks Claire.  There are 5 rules for accepting this award:
1.Thank the person who forwarded the award to you.
2. Display the award on your blog.
3. List 3 things about yourself :-

a) I love poppies, the BIG red ones in particular
b) Ive just received a letter from the Houses of Parliament this week!
c) My fav ProMarker is Pear Green!

4. Post a picture that you love
This is Honey as a little pup, it just makes me smile everytime I see it!  She's always loved sleeping in tight spaces!

5. Tag 5 people who you'd like to forward this onto.

This is a list of people containing my first blog follower to a new blog I am following to another who has such a lovely work/life set up and special friends!

Here is another beautiful award that Ive been extremely fortunate to receive, Thank You so much Annie and Jane, how lucky am I!

The rules for this award are to thank the sender, list 3 things that I like about myself (I may be gone sometime thinking of this one!) and forward to 7 other bloggers.

I'd like to forward this award to 


I love all of the bloggers that I have mentioned for all sorts of reasons but mainly Id like to thank them all for just being them and making such inspirational cards and being a great blogging buddy!

Keryn x


Wipso said...

Thank you so much Keryn. I will get to work on this one asap :-) Also thanks for your kind words and support.
A x

Alicia said...

Thanks for the award Keryn. Love the photo of "your" Honey! I wonder if our Honeys would get along...probably not, mine is pretty unsociable : )
Alicia xx

Claire x said...

Aww thank you Keryn so much, Claire xxxxxxx

jodpea said...

Wow thanku! I really thought I was following ur blog but its just dawnd on me that I don't get updates from you...I will remedy this immediately!

Larisa said...

Accept my best congratulations with nice awards)))

Clare said...

Thankyou gorgeous girl!!! all proudly up on my blog along with another award! im a lucky girl today. Oh just how beautiful is that pic of Honey!!! look at her leg poking out. Big hugs Clare xxx

Crafty Chris said...

Thanks Hunni for thinking of me just got bak to england early hours of the morning I am using my son computer so will catch the award when I get back home,France was great absolutely bucking it down here, catch up with u when I get home, thanks again.
Chris x

Twiglet said...

Love that photo of little Honey! Congrats on the well deserved awards.

pinky said...

Thanks for the yummy cupcakes Keryn. Hugs

Claire said...

Awww thanks Keryn, you made my day :-)
Love that pic of Honey, it really made me smile
Claire xx

Milliesmarvels said...

Hi Keryn, I know you already have it but there is an award from me for you on my blog.
Love that piccy of Honey, pear green is also my fav Promarker along with duck egg.

Paula Gale said...

Hello my dear friend... thanks for the award... I am very honoured to receive this, thank you for thinking of me... i love your pic too... there wasn't a ball down the back of there by any change was there LOL... The only thing down the back of mine is dust and crumbs LOL...

I'll post this award on my blog in due course - when i've thought of thought of three things to say about myself (i know i don't normally have a problem LOL)...

Now, i want to know what the letter was all about from the Houses of Parliament...

Catch you soon

Paula x x x