Tuesday, 19 July 2011

WAM - What A Mess!


Dont worry no material content referring to any newspaper here folks!  Im bored stiff of it all to be honest!

As promised here is the before shot

eeek, what a blinking mess you cry!
Indeed!  BUT, in my defence it was the dogs' fault!!  lol!
The double bed, as you can see is virtually clear as that is where the dog beds are and they sleep there all the time I am in here so it just had to go on the floor!  This is the stuff that was cleared out of the conservatory (my first location for the craft room) a couple of months back when we gutted there.  My youngest came to stay/organise/help me at the weekend and we spent a lot of time and money in Ikea!  We were just about to be awarded their regular visitor trophy too!
Anyway, after a big trip to the tip and some assembly this is how it now looks.

aaaah, that's much better!

The bit of white on the right of the shot is another 4 cubed storage unit and that has my sewing machine and associated 'stuff' in it.

Having a big list of cards to make I fear that it will be an ongoing task to finish off but at least the floor is clear but I have to be honest, the bed has lots of craft stock that needs sorting through too!  Its never ending I fear!
Keryn x


Wipso said...

Wow that look really fab Keryn. Bet you're thrilled to bits.
A x

Lynda said...

What a transformation! It looks amazing Keryn.

Love Lynda xxx

pinky said...

Well done you, I am amazed at the transformation!! Bet you feel all the better for it.

okienurse said...

Way to go! Love all the new bits from IKEA! I need another trip to Dallas to pick up a couple things. I think I maybe able to talk my DD into it when a check comes that I have been looking for shows up...make sense? Love it! Vickie

Claire x said...

OMG I nearly got in the car to come and clean it up LOL! The transformation is amazing and as a fan of Ikea myself just love those shelving units - everything has a place! Hope all is well with you sweetie. Hugs, Claire x

Twiglet said...

Well what a smart little set-up that is Keryn. I need to re-organise my craft room. Lots of stuff and lots of storage but all higgledy piggledy!!

Dee . . . . . said...

Looks like you did a great job Keryn. I love Ikea too - I can spend a whole day in there no problem! Oh and a few pennys too ;)

Jules said...

Hi Keryn

You have to make a mess to get straight again .. .. well that's my theory anyway.

Your craft space looks amazing .. so bright and beautiful. You must be really happy with it.

Love Jules xx