Sunday, 11 September 2011

Snowman with an appendix scar :/


Im feeling quite chipper today or should I say, at the moment as all three girls are curled up asleep in one little bed behind me and it is BLISS!

Today's card for our Christmas Card Club is this one:

This poor chap has been in the wars, all together now: aaaaahhhh!  You see he was all perfect after my first photo of him and then, as you will all know, trying to get a decent photo of white on white with silver mirri card was difficult so I knew I had to take lots and after the first shot my camera dropped, right on his belly!  I cant think of anything to disguise it so maybe he will have to be a scrap heap snowman!
Anyway, this challenge was set by Margaret and because of Pinky, Ive come to love white on white so I really enjoyed doing this one.  Our new challenge is being set by Crafty Chris and she's let us all off lightly with 'Anything Goes'!  Thanks Chris, that will be great to see a whole variety of different makes.
If you fancy getting a few extra Christmas cards together in time for you know what then feel free to join in.  We will be posting our cards 2 weeks today on Sunday 25th September so why not join in and let us know what youve made!

Changing course completely I couldnt let today go without saying something about 9/11.  I cant believe it has been 10 years since that dreadful day, my heart goes out to everyone affected by the tragedy.

Keryn x


Doreen said...

This is gorgeous Keryn, love the

Claire said...

Gorgeous card hun, how about some small white pearls as buttons, that would cover it up perfectly LOL. I have come to hate white on white cards! Hugs, Claire x

Carol said...

It's gorgeous Keryn, I love seeing WOW cards - just hate making them! Carol x

Annie said...

Just sit a little robin on his tummy Keryn :-)
A x
ps thank you so much for your lovely comments

Lizzie said...

good job !!! I was certainly challenged by WOW .......... Thanks Margaret !!! hehe !!! You did good girl tho !
Hugs Liz xx

Kerryn said...

lol oh no!! I've done that before. I'm a glitter lover so would smother him in glitter or even some white flock??
lovely to hear your girls all snuggled up together. Mine is still being lazy and is still up on my bed!

Beryl K said...

Great card Keryn, slap on a little glitter, buit it's not that obvious
Beryl x

Hazel said...

Snowmen aren't meant to be perfect! I had to laugh! This is a super card x

Clare said...

It could be his belly button Keryn? well a lop sided one???, i think your card is gorgeous and must admit i didn't even notice it till you pointed it out lol!!!. Really love all of the embossing hun and the silver mirri sets it off fantastically. Im with you with prayer's and thought being with everyone on 9/11. Just cannot believe it has been 10 years. Love and hugs Clare xxx

coldwaters2 said...

Lol, oh Keryn the little dent in the snowman's belly doesn't look too bad, lol, but tell you what all that wonderful embossing the silver mirri card and white looks superb.
Lorraine x

okienurse said...

I love your white on white card! I would never have noticed the 'dent' if you hadn't pointed it out. I can remember how I felt in the early 1990's when traveling about in the UK we had heard that the train station at Brighton had a bomber! I was very glib saying that it would never happen in the US! In 1995, April 19 I was a nurse in the ICU when the Murrah building in OKC was bombed...and that was less than 20 miles from where I live. We were readied for an influx of patients but when none came we realized the death toll would be high, 168 died due to terrorism that day (19 were small children.) May 3, 1999 we had a tornado out break that killed 40 people in central Oklahoma that day. I worked ER and wished I could have been anywhere else. When 9/11/01 occurred I was devastated I thought that the world had gone crazy. Today we have been watching the reruns of footage from that day and I hope no one ever forgets the craziness that is in the world! You can prepare for weather but you can't prepare for the sickness that is inherent in the religious zealots of the world. I hear some of the right wing Republicans in the USA talking their craziness and I wonder if they can hear their own voices and what they are saying? They don't sound much different then the zealots that caused all the deaths with the 4/29/1995 bombing, the 9/11/01 plane crashes.

Sue C said...

Fab card Keryn, your 'dented' snowman doesn't look too bad on your photo, maybe a white snowflake could come to the rescue ....Sue C x

Sally said...

Hi Keryn
Hope you are well. Sorry for the delay in commenting. I wouldn't have noticed his "belly button" if you hadn't pointed it out lol. Love your card especially with the touch of silver.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs Sally xxxx

dutchess said...

How did I miss this!!!!its lovely Keryn I know what you mean taking photos is harder than doing the card!!! minr lasted just kept turning pink! hugs Margaret