Sunday, 8 April 2012

Knitting appeal for Fish n Chip babies

Happy Easter to you all!

Well if there's one thing that will put me off my chocolate today it was this.  I know I have some of the most talented creative crafty girls following this blog so if one of you can help me then it will be more than worth it.

I saw this plea for a basic jumper and beanie hat to be knitted in dark colours (you will not appreciate the need for the dark colours until you read Dawns post but I nearly cried).  I know I like to knit whilst the tv is on in the evening and Id like to plead with anyone who may be able to join me in making either a beanie hat or a jumper or even both - just from your scraps of wool.

Thank you for reading this and even if you cant knit would you please be able to help to spread the word on your blogs so that we can try to help these little Fish and Chip babies.

Keryn x

ETA: Thanks Julia, Ive now tested and reposted the link!


Twiglet said...

Hi Keryn - Happy Easter to you!! Sorry but I can't see a link to Dawn. I am happy to knit so will pop back and see what its all about. x Jo

Claire said...

Hello sweetie, would love to help, but unfortunately I cannot knit. Hopefully you will have a lot more bloggy friends who can. Hugs, Claire x

Clare said...

Hi darlin! this is so sad but i'm so happy that so many people are getting involved in this worth cause. Although I cannot knit I am more than happy to spread the word. Big hugs Clare xxx