Thursday, 19 April 2012

Some Fish n Chip jumpers!


April showers bring May flowers so they say so we are in for a very full bloom next month!  Here are the first couple of jumpers Ive made to post off to Dawn but as Im midway through another whilst I wait for more white to finish off the edging to the shawl.

Im struggling most with the colours as they need to be dark tones and Im only used to using pale wool for babies knitting hence I watered down the multi coloured wool with white for one of the hats and quite prefer that!  Thankfully each different wool knits up to a different size which is good as all babies are different!  If you think you could knit one of these up then just follow Dawns link above!
Keryn x


Debbie said...

Wow Keryn, these are adorable.How clever are you.Gorgeous colours.Hope you're ok.Hugs Debbie x

Annie said...

Fab colours Keryn. I think we are all enjoying knitting these little jumpers. Such a fun pattern.
A x

Zoë said...

Keryn you are so talented. These will be very welcomed I'm sure. Zx

Twiglet said...

Oh Keryn these are just gorgeous!! It's a great pattern to knit quite quickly isn't it. I do hope Dawn gets lots for such a great cause. x Jo

Anne said...

Brilliant Keryn, they're lovely. Easy to knit but will go a long way to help theses poor babes. Hugs x

Wishcraft said...

They're fab Keryn... I've not knitted for years, not sure I could remember how! Hugs, Lisa x

okienurse said...

beautiful colors Keryn! It would take me forever to knit one hat much less the jumper! Good Job!!!

Jules said...

Hi Keryn

Awwww.. how gorgeous.

Your knitting is as super neat as your cardmaking.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Love Jules xx