Friday, 25 September 2009

Holiday Snaps - well two!

I had a lovely break at Brean Sands, North Somerset 
in our caravan and were away earlier in the month for the whole of that 
glorious weather, we were so very lucky!  
Here is the sunset on our first night there, it was 
gorgeous.  There were miles and miles and sands, 
the sea was 3/4 miles out so we only saw it once 
despite spending many hours on the sands each day!

The second photo is of our happy little dogs crashed out on Steve after having enjoyed the lovely sands!  Such bliss!

I've had a little break from the cards
and it has been nice, much nicer than
I thought but the downside is that my
confidence was rocked a bit and 
I get to thinking that I can't do it!

I will be back in a while as I have managed to
make something that Idlike to share.

Thanks for popping by

Keryn x

1 comment:

Kim Piggott said...

Wow you were so lucky to have that glorious weather!
Your sunset is amazing I am so happy for you and your little dogs are just so very sweet!
kim x