Wednesday, 6 January 2010

WOYWW aaaargh!

Hello,  I hope you aren't being too disrupted by all of the snow.  It looks so beautiful but can cause such havoc!  I notice we haven't heard much about global warming lately!?  I'm still not sure what part of our country is suffering from that!

What's on Your Workspace Wednesday: I've followed 
Julia's blog for a while now and am always amazed at how brave everyone is to show their private little spaces that they create in.  I've always wanted to participate but have never had a clean enough space do be able to do so with only a smallish amount of shame on my part!  Now that the workspace is inbetween cards I thought I'd join in.  It was only when looking over the photo's that I realised what a mess it all still is!!  lol  Still, it's all paid for and it's mine so I don't mind too much!

Well I've done it now, I've added the photo's of half of my little work space.  DH keeps offering to make me a bespoke workspace but I keep declining as I rather like being able to make a huge mess on my reclaimed vintage table and know that I'm not ruining it plus the fact that it is a gate leg table so it can fold virtually flat and it disappear against the wall ready for when my DD's stay for the night.  
As always I actually only end up with a very small space with which to make eveything, even that craft mat disappears under the mass of things!  On my desk Ive got a set of 8 cards I've made and am waiting to make a suitable package for them, I've got a new male stamp that's not long arrived and I'm hoping to use shortly along with some new sheets of Basic Grey that I'm looking forward to using too.

Thanks for dropping by!
Keryn x



Sue C said...

I think your work space looks positively tidy ! I've always got things all over my table as I need to see things to give me inspiration, I'd never create any thing if they were all tidied you're keeping warm in this weather. Sue C x

Rosie said...

You turned down a BESPOKE WORKSPACE??? Do you have a temperature, perhaps you should lie down?? Know what you mean about guilt-free mess though ....

pinky said...

Well it looks way too tidy for me Keryn, even your shelves are tidy! I have my daughter plonked beside me using my new Distress inks, she has worn my promarkers to bits and now wants the full set for herself (she'll be lucky lol).

Biscuitlid said...

I think it looks fab and tidy too and like Rosie - you did what woman? Are you mad????!!!!

Love your space though, and loving your wallpaper - where's it from?


Littleted62 said...

Thanks for sharing your workspace Keryn, I haven't plucked up courage to do photos of mine yet! Know what you mean about the table, I use an old pine kitchen table and I'm not at all precious about it if it gets inky or scratched.

Nicki :0)

PS - love your wallpaper!

Carmen said...

It wasn't so hard was it? :D And now you've joined us you'll just get gradually messier and messier *g*

I LOVE your curtains! Yum.

Chrissie said...

I enjoyed my nose around... but to turn down a bespoke area... good grief girl!
I can also see a little clear table top... not sure that's allowed!

Kaz said...

Oohh I love the look of your workspace. Not only the decoration, but all of the bits on shelves etc too xx

Hope Jacare said...

Great space and ooooh lots of goodies. I have to tidy up every evening or there would be no place for the kids to have breakfast. Also if I left anything out the cats just play with it.....I always have cards drying off precariously perched on the bread bin....perhaps one day a photo of that will appear on my blog! x

michele said...

Thanks for sharing Keryn! love being nosey lol! Much tidier than my room! lol! hugs mx

Sarita said...

Wow look at all that stash!! Fab workspace and I love your wallpaper too!
Love Sarita xx

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

You are brave showing your workspace. It looks great! And very tidy!! I wish my hubs would offer to make me a bespoke workplace :)) Thanks for sharing !
Hugs Judy xx

Enfys said...

That is one tidy workspace.........take it from me, I'm the expert on chaos!! Love the wallpaper BTW!
big hugs
En xx

Chris said...

Great to see your workspace Keryn and I'm exactly the same and end up working in about 6 inches of mine :). I'd love to have my own for crafting but space doesn't allow at the moment, I live in hope! Have a nice Sunday, Chris x

Steph said...

So glad you decided to share your workplace, Keryn. I love being nosy and looking at other people's spaces. Your's looks very glamorous- I love your wallpaper and curtains! Can't wait to see the cards you've been making. Re your comment about Sansador for colouring- it's fab! You'll love it. It's really easy to use. I used to use watercolours all the time but now I find lyra and sansador great for blending. If you need any tips, let me know x

Jules said...

Hi Keryn

Your workspace looks lovely - I wonder if I will ever be brave enough to take part?

Would I have to photograph the floor I utilise quite a bit too? LOL!!!

Love Jules xx