Monday, 19 July 2010

70th Word Book

Hello!  I just wanted to share a word book that's kept me quiet for about 3 days!  Making the box alone took most of yesterday - I now have an assortment of lids in varying sizes!!  Grrr!
My eldest sister's fella is celebrating his special birthday next month so I wanted to make something a little different.  I didn't struggle too much with filling all of the sides but obviously, if it was for a girl you can always fill in with flowers etc!
Anyway, I used the great tool from Funky Hand on the Papercraft Factory dvd to make the word book - it is so easy it's a shame I dont make more use of it!

I detailed people who share his birthday; ranging from President Hoover to Antonio Banderas and then when I researched his actual birth date, I found that the  Battle of Britain campaign had detailed entries for activity that day.  I typed, reduced and distressed it then put it behind the old photo of the London lookout searching for enemy aircraft.  He will really like that aspect of it as he is mad keen on history!

He lives in Weymouth and follows the Weymouth Wildcats Speedway team and I managed to find a vintage programme which I placed over a current fixture list.

I really enjoyed making this and now Ive just got to make 2 cards for him from my daughters which will be a lot easier!

If anyone has any tips about how to get the right measurements when making boxes - I'd be mighty grateful!  I tried adding one extra notch (on the MS board) for the width and depth of the lid but it ended up way too big!

Keryn x


pinky said...

Keryn this is absolutely brilliant. Great idea to fill it like that, he will love it. I used the crafters companion board to make my boxes, never have much bother unless I use the same side of board for top and bottom lol.

Claire x said...

Gorgeous book Keryn - love it and those colours are perfect. I've just purchased a MS scorer board and have yet to test it this week to make some boxes, so will let you know if I have problems! LOL. Hugs, Claire x

debby4000 said...

Oh this is stunnning Keryn, wonderful colours and what a fab keepsake.
Can't help with the boxes one of the reason I don't make them.

Tasha said...

Wow Keryn thats awesome! I am lobing this, what a beautiful and heartfelt gift
love tasha xx

chris said...

This is fabulous keryn, I can see why it took you so long its perfect.

Crafty Chris said...

wow Keryn this is fantastic and a wonderful card for a man,I have this c.d as well and have used it twice, shame on me.
Christine x

Hope Jacare said...

What a wonderful gift Keryn - how could he not be thrilled with that. Never made a box have to admit other than a template one - I like the easy life. Cheers Claire x

Clare said...

Oh wow Keryn!!! you have put so much into this gorgeous book hun, it is gorgeous. I see you got the Bind Out afterall!!! good girl. Chris will love it. Hugs Clare xxx

Sue said...

Great word book. I've only ever made one - for my nephew's 18th - very time consuming, but it was well worth it. He loved it.

Alicia said...

This book is fantastic! I love the colours and wow! You have gone to so much trouble to make it! I bet Chris loves it.
Alicia xx

Anice said...

Keryn, this word book is just wonderful. I am so pleased that you have found the word books useful on my CDs..but the creations are only as good as you make them, the CD is just the basic building blocks. You've built a complete stunner here! Fantastic work.
Anice xx (Funky Hand)