Wednesday, 7 July 2010

St Wilfs & WoywW

Ive been looking forward to joining in this week as it signals that Im fully over the holiday and back in the swing of things again!

Todays desk is still rather messy, as you've come to expect and as usual I have several things on the go at once.  Ive just received my paperwork about getting my road tax free of charge but the rules are blinking ridiculous.  I ask you, how many disabled people do you know that a) can afford to run a car purely for their own sole use b) are always able to drive it alone and not go out with someone else (not many of us are happy leaving the house alone is what I mean).  As usual the rules seem impractical and they seem to be offering something with one hand and taking it back with the other!  This will take some time to sort I can tell!

Ive started to make a few sets of boxed cards for my friend Clare who is desperately trying to make some cards so a neighbours young son Cameron can have a fund raising event at his house for St Wilfred's Hospice in Eastbourne.  Clare has a special reason for helping this hospice as sadly it is where her dear Mum spent some time.  Clare is having a difficult time at the moment due to incredible pain from her RA and it is particularly affecting her right hand which means crafting is next to impossible.
If there is any chance of anyone sparing one card to please help me get some cards to her for this fund raising event, 
I would be ever so grateful.
If you can spare one card and would like to help out, please contact either Clare or me.  Thank You very much.

Ive made one set of 4x4 cards using the Hero Arts flower stamp and Ive get it quite neutral but the next set is going to be black, white and red, this time using a different bloom from the HA stamp set.

Please come and join in with the sharing of your desk with Julia over at Stamping Ground.  This is where all of the fun began!

See you soon
Keryn x


Claire x said...

Its good to see your desk again Keryn. I really hope you can get your road tax sorted very soon - theres always an issue with these sort of things. I would love to help Clare out, I know that she has been in some pain recently as have been following her blog. If you mail me her details and when she needs things by, I can send a little parcel. Hugs, Claire x

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Keryn
Love those flowers and papers on your desk, its not messy its creativity, would love to help out send me a email and let me know what you need.
Christine x

Clare said...

Oh my gosh Keryn you have made me cry!!! i am so thankful for such beautiful friends like you. In between being in a morphined comatose these past few days i have been seriously panicking as little Cameron (who's 7) is holding his St.Wilf's coffee morning on 17th (yep 10 days time!) and i am never one to break promises. I would be so grateful for even 1 card to put in my box to take girls!!! if anyone is interested if you would like to email me on or contact Keryn and we can give you my address, i will even send you postage for the cards! oh and please make sure that you put your handmade by details on the cards so that i can give the credit to the wonderful designers too. Claire thankyou so much for your kind offer too darlin, if you would like to email me or Keryn we can give you details. Keryn you are a total angel and i love you so much and your cards are totally beautiful. Big hugs Clare xxx

Tasha said...

Hi Keryn! You call that messy? LOL you must be joking! My desk is messy, notice how i never publish pics of it - im embarrassed!
If you want nay cards form me drop me an email with the adress and id be more than happy to donate some. I think Hospices need all the support they can get!
Ooohhh dont you just love the government and their silly rules.
love tasha xx

Sue said...

Hi Keryn
lovely tidy desk, the rules are a joke for getting most things when you need them, i will pop some cards of, can you send me an addy hun, have good day, sue,x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It sounds like your government road rules are so complicated you need an attorney to sort them out. Why is it the govt. (even here in US) has to make things so complicated. Do they think we will give up and throw the form in the trash? Happy WOYWW and good luck with the fundraiser. If I were a bit closer, I would join in.

Annie said...

ooo you are keeping busy! I will sort out some cards for you (I have your address).
hugs, annie x
I still have an assortment of stamped images that I'm not using so will send them as well in the hope that they will be useful.

Enfys said...

Hi Keryn, your cards are gorgeous, and your desk is not at all messy. Send me your addy again, and I will get a couple of cards off to Clare
big hugs
En xx

Clare said...

Wow girls thankyou so much for your generosity i am so stoked. Keryn sorry for hogging your blog darlin. Going to put up a post on my blog. Many thanks girls. Love to you all, Clare xxx

Sue C said...

Hi Keryn, I know what you mean about red tape, my Mum has had to register as disabled and the ridiculous system we've had to go through.... well you already know ! Would love to donate a card or two. Drop me a note and let me know where to send them to. Sue C x

Diane said...

Love the red flowers on your desk. Cards are lovely and I am sure they will be popular

Chrissie said...

Fabulous cards Keryn, I'll let you have some, just let me have details of where to send them I'd be delighted to help!

Twiglet said...

I am sure I can send some of my cards for Clare - email me details. Good luck with all the red tape!

Juls said...

I Love seeing peoples workspaces, so thank you for sharing yours...and all those flowers just look fabulous! Hugs Juls

Julia Dunnit said...

Gorgeous view of your desk Keryn - the flowers on the cards are simply lovely. ALthough I just had it, let me have your address or Clare's - would be happy to help out with a handful of cards.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards Keryn, I've sent Clare an email as I have some spare cards that I'm happy to donate. Filling in forms sucks, my sister has MS and can't get the car tax etc paid as she wasn't listed as the primary driver on the car to begin with! She now has to be driven everywhere, so her husband is acting as full time carer too, isn't it ludicrous??


Andrea - Wales, UK said...

The cards are stunning, I have the same set of stamps and the "dotty" flower is so adorable in that lovely pink colour.
Good luck with the card making and the form filling.


Sam said...

Blimey what a rigamarole. Hope you get it sorted hun! Loving your desk, an absolute hive of activity.
Sam x

Alicia said...

When do you need the cards by Keryn?
Alicia xx

Clare said...

Thankyou so so much to all of you beautiful girls who are donating cards!!! i feel so humbled at everyone's kindness, especially little Keryn who i am proud to call my friend xxx

Biscuitlid said...

Hi Keryn
when do you need some cards by? Email me your address babes and I'll pop some in the post for you

JoZart said...

Thanks for the late peek at your nice neat desk. Love those flowers.

JoZart said...

ooh! I missed saying how adorable your dogs are... I miss mine so much since she died at 20 and I just want to steal yours.