Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Hi, I've been busy with Lola for the last few days. When I couldn't bring myself to make any cards I was busy with colouring in! It was just like being at Infants School! I chose colours that dont come naturally to me so please bear with me as they're not the run of the mill pinks/lilacs!
Hubby used to wear a lot of 'swamp' as I used to call it but Pink Petticoat call it olive so thats what I used with milk chocolate here. I coloured the flower with chalk ink as I didn't have anything in my stash of these colours! (The chalk ink was part of a set from qvc). I found a font on the pc I hadn't tested before as the sample looks awful and it's Edda.
End of part 1!

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Viv said...

Hubby might call it swamp, I call it gorgeous!
Gud on ya coming out of your comfort zone. It's great and you must do it more often. You're good at it.
Viv xxx