Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Thank you very much Claire for this award, my very 1st! Im really shocked that you thought of me. Please pop over and have a look at Claire's amazing work, she is such a talented artist and Im sure you will agree,
This part has been copied from Claire's blog:
This award has a few rules first of all you have to give it to a new blog that you have recently come across.Let them know they have an award ,then they must mention your blog when accepting the blog .Pass on to 15 other new sites that you have just recently come across.Please leave a comment when you collect your award Thanks
It may take me a short while to get 15 but here is the start of my list. I've recently found these blogs and enjoy and follow them so please accept this award from me!
1) Jules at these cards have a really lovely twist!
2) Victoria at I love her funky cards!
3) Leigh at I love Leighs fresh and sassy cards!
4) Katie at I love Katies bright cards and her beautiful parchment work!
Watch this space for more talent that I come across!


Jules said...

Hi Keryn

Congratulations on your first award!

Thank you so much for passing this on to me. I have posted it on to my blog - as you will see - and have linked my post back to you.

I know I am not going to be able to comply by the rules so if I need to remove it then I understand.

I hope you have a good day and I will be back to see you soon.

Love Jules xx

Hope Jacare said...

Keryn - You are very welcome - you have been very kind to me in bloggland.....I am never very sure about these chain type things but I do know this has the best of intentions! Hope you are having a good day. Best Wishes Claire x

Kim Piggott said...

Hi, congratulations on your award!
kim x

Biscuitlid said...

Oh wow - thanks so much. Sorry it's taken me a while to pop over and visit your blog and collect this, having one of those weeks where I can't keep up with myself!

Will pop on my blog as soon as I get chance, joined yours now so will be visting more often!


Leigh said...

Thanks Keryn, sorry I haven't been over sooner had a busy week and no craftyness in it. Congratulations on your award.