Thursday, 7 May 2009

PostPals Plea

Hi, Could all you lovely cardmakers please help. Pop over to this site to fully understand what PostPals is all about Thanks to Lyn at for highlighting this to me. PostPals is a charity run by volunteers who help to put a smile on the face of very poorly youngsters. Please please pop over and see their site, it really made me think.

All that is asked is that anyone makes and sends a card to a sick child at the c/o address on the site. Im sure Im not alone in wanting to do even a tiny thing such as sending a card to one of them.

On Lyns blog she says that one of the challenge groups is helping out so please either join them or send direct, either way would you please pass this forward so these poorly children can have smiles on their faces from all of us cardmakers.

PostPals also have a plea at the moment for them to try to win £500 for their Summer Party from local newspapers and us sending a simple text (costing 50p plus usual network charge) can make the difference between them getting the cash or not! The details are on the 'News' section on the website.

Thanks so much for reading this.
Keryn x


Kate said...

Hi there, my name's Kate and i found your blog through your friends who had taken part in the CCT Post Pals challenge. I volunteer for Post Pals and just want to say thank you for putting up this lovely post and plea. I know first hand how much of a difference it makes to the children when they receive happy post, knowing that people out there are sending them happy wishes, so thanks again :o)

Tasha said...

Hey there Keryn. wow i popped over to post pals and ive never been so touched in my life. I was inspired by these brave children who are fighting these tragic illnesses. I hope to send some post out because in my eyes these children are heroes.
Thank you for opening my eyes to post pals
love tasha xx

Kate's Makes said...

Hi Keryn, thanks for your reply and sorry i've only just seen it. I'm glad you were able to find the Post Pals blog through the message - we also have a facebook page and an e-group too. Post Pals is such a wondeful way to share a smile with those who could really do with one! Kate x

Kate's Makes said...

Hi Keryn, i just wanted to let you know that Post Pals won the £500! :o)