Friday, 7 August 2009

Friends Award

Hi, I would like to thank Victoria and Claire for forwarding these awards onto me. Thank you very much ladies! I really appreciate them.
Please pop over to their blogs as they have some really beautiful creations to see, not least their gorgeous little people!
Victoria is at
Claire is at

The recipients are asked to list 5 things about themselves that might not have previously been divulged, well, that was fun!

1. Im still trying to loose my 'baby' weight :-/
2. I spent alot of my time in junior school actually outside the classroom door - for laughing!
3. The 1st time I got drunk was on my 1st honeymoon in Paris! (I'd led a very sheltered life!)
4. When I remarried 5 yrs ago there were only 4 guests plus a gate-crasher, 1 of my sisters!
5. I've seen a ghost of a person I'd never met or seen but could describe him in minute detail!

Well, I think I've scraped the barrel of my tired mind enough for one night. I really appreciate receiving these lovely awards but am fully aware that many people don't like to receive them themselves so I will offer them to the following people and hope they at least enjoy the sentiment that they have been forwarded with.

1. Pinky, she was my first ever follower and she regularly pops in to visit, thanks!
2. Jules, she's a great mate and a beautiful crafter!
3. Steph, a really lovely girl with lots and lots on her plate at the moment!
4. Sheila, (I know she wont accept this award) however she's so friendly and I just love her blogs!
5. Mo, (another who wouldn't be able to accept this but) she has such a stunning talent and I thoroughly love looking at her work

As I say, I'm fully aware that some or all may not wish to accept this award and I'm perfectly happy with that but I still send them these awards all in the circle of friendship!

Happy crafting everyone & Thank You for visiting!
Keryn x


Mo Manning said...

Awww, thanks Keryn!!! That's the sweetest :) Now you gave me an idea for a stamp! xoxoMo

Jules said...

Hi Keryn

Thank you for my awards.

You are a soppy madam - but lovely with it!!! LOL!!!

Catch you soon.

Love Jules xx

manicstamper said...

Oh Keryn....that is just lovely.....thank you.
I am going to shock you and display this in my sidebar.....all my other awards are hidden right at the bottom of my blog as I am a bit embarrassed about them but this one is lovely.

Just wanted to say as well that I absolutely love the wedding stationery. So classy.

pinky said...

Thanks Keryn, I do already have one of these but will proudly display them with a link to your names. Thanks for thinking of me.

Biscuitlid said...

you're welcome Keryn, so good to be able to find friends with similar hobbies and interests - so the award was defo going your way!


Sue C said...

Hi Keryn, I know you've already had this award, but I just wanted to thank you for your support. The award's on my blog. Sue C x