Friday, 7 August 2009

Wedding Stationery

Hello, I just wanted to show a little sample of the wedding I have just finished. The wedding is actually today and earlier I received a big beautiful pink & white bouquet from the bride & groom! I was completely stunned and thrilled!
I really liked the colour scheme at the start of the year but I need a wee break from the dark chocolate now! So, if you see me posting anything with either ivory or dark chocolate please do SHOUT at me!! I had a couple of days off from crafting and spent them with DH which was lovely.
Im unable to view many of my reading list at the moment so I hope it will sort itself soon as I have plenty to catch up on! I will be back several times over the weekend with lots (well for me it will be!) of posts. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a really lovely weekend and that we all can enjoy some lovely sunshine!
Thank you for taking the time to call in!
Keryn x


pinky said...

Stunning work Keryn, no wonder they were pleased. I'm still working on my and its 9 weeks to the wedding, need to get a move on.

Juls said...

can see why the bride and groom are delighted. This is just sooo stylish!

Biscuitlid said...

These are beautiful Keryn, can see why they sent you some flowers. Well done you.


Hope Jacare said...

They are very elegant Keryn - just perfect for today! Cheers Claire x

Sue C said...

These are wonderful ! The flowers are well deserved ! Sue x

Enfys said...

These are just gorgeous Keryn, know what you mean about getting sick of the colours when you have done hundreds, I always feel exactly the same..