Friday, 28 August 2009



I've had a memorable week for all the wrong reasons!! PC problems left me without it from saturday to wednesday midnight - set it up only to find the exact same problem as before it went to shop to be fixed! Have now got daughters 'old' pc (her pre laptop pc) and as it is much newer and better than mine I am very pleased, however, all of my craft files are on the broken one!

I have hundreds of images and backing papers printed so really have no excuse but I'm desperately missing my special files and am reluctant to take both pc's in to try to resolve the issue incase something else goes wrong!

Sadly in the long, long days without a pc I became very domesticated and did masses of ironing - if I admitted it was infact 10hrs of ironing that will show a) how bad I am at doing the ironing and b) how many clothes we've actually both got before we ran out :-/ I even ran out of hangers and our wardrobes are bulging which is really bad but I did realise that DH has far more clothes than me! DH also put up my much needed extra shelving at my desk and my space is slowly getting more and more organised; so, all in all, as much as I HATED not having a pc, I did gain in other things!

I hope to catch up with everyone's blogs over the weekend and I'd like to be able to post some of my makes also but in the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys a really great Bank Holiday weekend and thanks for popping by!

Keryn x


Elaine said...

Wow Keryn... thats a lot of clothes lol.. its a bit like that at this house to.. l ve just had a massive clearing out of stuff too whilst the kids are on hols and I have all their shirts/trousers to iron this weekend as they go back to school on Tuesday :) Looking forward to seeing some of your creations, have looked back and you have made some gorgeous stuff :)

Elaine x

pinky said...

Its like losing an arm when the pc conks out! But think of all that ironing you got done lol. Time for a good clear out by the creaks of that wardrobe!

Hope Jacare said...

Welcome back Keryn - I live in denial of ironing I'm afraid - If you handg them up long enough my theory is creases fall out.....I have rose tinted spectacles aswell! Claire x

katy said...

Hi Keryn, thanks for your message, hope you get your pc sorted soon x

michele said...

hi keryn! 10 hrs!! OMG!!! mind you i leave mine so long I spend hours catching up! I'd be lost without my laptop! good that you got other things done though! take care hugs mx