Saturday, 30 October 2010

Big Boy!

Hasnt he grown!  This is Murphy when he came to visit on Thursday with his Mum (DD2) & Dad of course!  We had a big long walk in the afternoon and his Duracells finally drained a bit after about 7hrs!  He had a lovely snooze just before it was time to head back home.

Who'd have thought that he could grow so much from this size in just 9mths!  He is adorable and with each visit we can see how he has matured and he gets on more and more with Poppy & Honey!  Perhaps that might be helped by Poppy's new training collar that emits a squirt of citronella with every gruff!!  Murphy has a tendency to deliver the loudest bark for no known reason (which nearly gives me heart failure!) and as such Poppy's collar squirts her!  We try very very hard not to laugh as she gives him the most disgusted look imaginable!  The house smelt very citrussy for the whole of his visit!!

DD1 flies back from Tanzania today having met and talked with the Masai Mara, they spoke via an interpretor to the main Chief who has 9 wives and learned that he had somewhere in the region of 62 kids!  The group also dug and built an irrigation ditch for a primary school and visited a couple of National Parks!  The bit that made me smile most was that all of the children there kept touching her hair - she's fair and it was always in a ponytail!  How sweet as they just aren't used to ponytails nor fair hair!
I cant wait to  know that she's safe and sound again on home soil and very much look forward to hearing all about her trip.

Thanks for popping by and have a FAB weekend whatever you get upto!
Keryn x

ETA: Despite the shocking news of the bombs found on a couple of planes today on the news I am so relieved to say they all landed safely!


Tasha said...

Ahhhh he is the cutest bundle of fur! And he has grown so big!
I hope your daughter had a rewarding trip, it sounds amazing
love tasha xx

Jules said...

Wow Keryn .. how he has grown!!

Such a cute puppy and now a fully grown dog with a super shiny coat!! My how he shines!!

Hope you are having a good weekend.

Love Jules xx

Sue C said...

Wow Keryn what a difference ! It's such a shame they have to grow up. Sue x

Claire x said...

WOW I can't get over the size of Murphy ... whats he been fed on? LOL. Will be good that your daughter will be back home, that will be a relief for you - but also great to hear about her adventures. Hope you're having a fab weekend. Hugs, Claire x

Hope Jacare said...

Wow what a fab chocolate lab - he looks gorgeous....they don't stay puppy like for log do they! I'm sure you will have loads to catch up on with your daughter! Cheers Claire x

pinky said...

Oh my word he is a brute (in the nicest sort of way lol). But still very cute. I am sure you are so excited to have your dd back home with lots of stories to tell you!!

brenda said...

He's a gorgous fellow Keryn.

I read about that collar with interest, never hear about them before, but I can image they can be very useful,especially for those who live in built up areas.

Have a good Sunday.

B x

Kerryn said...

awwww he is so lovely!!!
I did have to laugh at poppy being squirted when he barks!! lol.

my sis has had to try to use those sort of collars as one of her little ones barks and screams when she goes for a walk and my sis lives in a small block of flats, so high pitched barking is not great!
They didn't work though as she just barked and ended up with a wet face! lol