Thursday, 28 October 2010

Poorly Clare

Hi, just wanted to pop on as I know Clare's made lots of lovely friends via her blog.  She went into hospital yesterday with kidney stones and she's still in and bored silly!  I believe she woke yesterday in immense pain and with no alternative had to go straight onto Morphine, she saw the GP who was amazed that she had walked into the surgery as most people call an ambulance in that amount of pain, that's typical Clare!  
Anyway, she was admitted later in the day and is currently having loads of tests to determine whether surgery is needed or not.  I just wanted to let you all know as I know what a lovely bunch of girls you all are and thought you might like to know.
Keryn x


Claire x said...

Aww bless her - thanks for letting us know Keryn and do keep us posted. This is the last thing she needs right now isn't it. Will be thinking about her. Big hugs, Claire x

Crafty Chris said...

I do hope she is ok, really painful, thanks for letting us know.
Chris x

Teri said...

Oh the poor moo! Must send her a card. . . Thanks for letting us know hun!

Paula Gale said...

Poor Clare - I know exactly how she felt - I did this 5 weeks after another operation... It took the morphine nearly an hour to work on my pain so I hope it worked quicker on her!!! Wishing her well soon.

Paula x x x