Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Last Thursday I met up with my friend Clare in Eastbourne to deliver to her the painting Steve had made for her of her two cats Simone & Bert.  Here it is.

I can now fully understand why Clare says how difficult it is to get the two of them together in a photo!  It's like they rarely sit side by side especially as Simone (on the right) is always on the go!  Bertie slept for nearly the whole of the day yet Simone came out for a play in the evening and trying to get a good photo of her mid play was great fun!  This is what Clare tried:

Dont try this at home kids!!
How mad is this cat?!  She found a clear bag and dived in it then sat there watching us!  She also found an empty gift bag.

She just didn't sit still!
We spent a few hours with Clare's Dad Rob and I have to say what a great comedy duo this two make - without even realising it!  Rob is a cheery chappy and is happy top talk to anyone and at one point in a shop he started chatting quite cheekily to a pair of ladies at which point Clare disappears in the opposite direction!  I had a fab day and can't wait to do it again!

Keryn x


Larisa said...

So funny cats!! My cat Kuzya likes to go into any bags too) The feel it is their little home maybe)))

brenda said...

Oh goodess Keryn, that cat is nearly as crazy as Daisy. We are renaiming her Duracel.

I am yet to get her and Lily still long enough to get a half decent photo, it's not for the want of trying I can tell you.

B x

Wipso said...

What a gorgeous painting Keryn. Steve is so clever.
A x

Claire x said...

That painting is fab and I bet Clare loved it - glad you had such a fab day. Hugs, Claire x

pinky said...

The painting is just lovely Keryn. That cat is a real dare devil lol.

Clare said...

I spy my little furrybabies!!!. And this wonderful painting takes pride of place over the mantle piece in the living room. Keryn what a wonderful day we had. Can't wait for the next. I have a thankyou and a write up on my bloggy so go check it out. Big hugs to you gorgeous. Hugs Clare xxx

Kathie said...

Hi Keryn, your hubby is just so clever. When I first look at the picture I thought it was a photo. What a wonderful job so glad Clare loved it. I have Spike Ryan's cat sitting on the keyboard as I am typing this, he knows I should be in bed asleep 1.36am and can't sleep.