Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ever had one of those days.....

when you need a smile?  Me too!
I know most of you have seen this couple before but I felt the need to have a smile.  Ive got little Honey wimpering all over the place - shes been speyed but clearly it would have been her season as she's trying to huddle into every little nook and cranny she can find or create!
Plus, its Budget day, oh blimey well if that isnt reason enough to need a smile I dont know what is!
Gus and Stella from Bugaboo - link on the side, mocha papers by Pink Petticoat.
To be honest I think the fact that I couldnt find my new glasses for 36hrs then Steve found them on his bedside cabinet.........and before you ask, no it wasnt me, that probably hasnt helped!
Talking of him, have a peep at his latest painting on the right too, he's really loving his pet portraits at the moment but the next one will be a stonker!  Its poppies in close up!
Keryn x


Crafty Chris said...

Fantastic what a very talented hubby you have there, and your card has made me smile love that sentiment, Phil would agree with that 100%.
Chris x

Doreen said...

This is just great Keryn, it has certainly made me

Wipso said...

We have so many smiles going on over here today Keryn. My two girls were both booked in for their scans today and ended up going in at the same time and being told they were due just a couple of days apart :-)
Such exciting times :-)
A x

Twiglet said...

That doggy painting is truly amazing - what a talent!! Can't wait to see poppies in close up too!. Thanks for popping our link to the blog giveaway on your side bar - you are a gem. have a fab day - sun shining here.

Claire x said...

Great card hun - I do love these Bugaboo images and they always make me smile. I am lovin' that painting too - he is soooo clever. Hugs, Claire x

pinky said...

Poor you but your card will make someone smile lol. Loving that gorgeous painting, boy is Steve talented or what, even if he did hide your glasses lol.

Emma said...

Such a fabulous at the image and sentiment. Wow at your hubbys painting...its amazing & I hope Honey settles soon.
Hugs Emma x

Juls said...

such a fun card! Hugs Juls