Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Flower Pot Card


I had a very busy weekend one way or another, I spent a lot of time researching an innocent looking card as seen on the fab San's blog (now if you look at this card you will have to close my blog as my version is very very amateur!).  I found utube videos and saw lots of written instructions and by that time felt compelled to give it a go!
Remember yesterday I said Steve took 2 cards for a colleague's sons...well this is for the younger son to give his Mum so please bear that in mind!

For a 1st attempt I suppose Im fairly happy but next time I will use larger flowers!  Plus, after all of this I realise the 'card' cant even stand up alone!  I played with a couple of bits of card to try to make a stand behind it but I soon gave up!  So if anyone knows a way round this please shout!
Keryn x


Crafty Chris said...

The only thing I can think of is hills and valleys behind, just a small piece to make it stand, I like all the small flowers makes it really stand out all the different colours, depending on the size it would be nice with a magnet on and then you can put it on the fridge.
Chris x

Marie Levite said...

Wow Keryn~It's just gorgeous!! Not sure how to make it stand though.

Wipso said...

I'm no help when it comes to card designs etc but I know what I like and think this is really pretty :-)
A x

Twiglet said...

A very pretty little flower pot. Everything is looking very spring-like at the mo isn't it! Loving all this blue sky and sunshine.

Juls said...

gorgeous!!! Loving all those flowers! Hugs Juls

pinky said...

Its just gorgeous Keryn, your flowers are so pretty. You could use a plate stand type template in matching card. I can send you the template if you need it.

Happy Days said...

Gorgeous card Keryn. I think I might have an article with a similar style card that has a stand I'll have look and if I have I'll send it out you. xx

Claire x said...

WOW well if this is your first attempt, its amazing hun. Lovely colour tones too. I think I would use a card stand to keep it upright - there are a bit like plate stands - I have some if you need one I could send you - they are white, but could be coloured or papered to match the card. Hugs, Claire x

MARY B said...

I think it's lovely i was going to suggest a plate type stand as well. Mary x

Claire Phillips said...

Great card Keryn - really lovely and I'm sure his mum will adore it! I am the worlds worst with shaped cards - all too often I give in and stick to the front of a A5 blank...Cheers Claire x

Sandra said...

Gorgeous Keryn....i've said exactly the same as you when i make another one i would use larger flowers...I've made a stand for mine,it stands perfectly...all ive done is used the same card as what i used to make the pot,just alittle smaller in width and twice the lenght,fold in half,stick the one half to the pot and there you have it.
Hope this as helped,
Thank you for linking my blog there's kind of you to do that.
Take care
San x

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Keryn I so love this flower pot card I have always wanted to try one, this is a beauty all those wonderful flowers and they will last so much longer than the real ones, I love it.
Lorraine x

Helen Jolly said...

This reminded me of a step by step i did a few years ago doing one of these :-)
I must have another play with one again
Love what you have done Keryn x