Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Rant about Santander

Well I'm sure I'll feel better after this rant so feel free to ignore!

It's taken my bank 2 months of me ringing and complaining to get a very simple issue resolved.
I have to say when I first heard that Santander were going to be taking over Alliance & Leicester my little heart sank and sadly, it has proved to be justified.

A simple online one off payment that glitched and went who knows where ended up with me being told by them in writing twice to request the money back from a NatWest account somewhere as I had entered the wrong details.  I wouldn't have minded if I had put in the wrong details but the system didn't let me get that far.
  Anyway after yet another call, costing me for the privilege a very nice man credited back the missing payment immediately and apologised.  No mention of recompensing me for my 7 emails, 9 phone calls etc etc.
What a RUBBISH bank they are.

Is it only me but is anyone else sick of the lack of Customer Service in this country?  No one seems to be bothered to do their job properly, it wasn't like this when I was working, if I had messed up, I had to apologise and rectify it but not these days.

Right, Im off now to find another bank who will give us the same OD facility!
Thanks for listening!
Keryn x


Crafty Chris said...

If you ask me one bank is as bad as the other its like the government, hopeless, good luck with the OD they are not forthcoming, I got a nasty little shite when I phoned the bank you would have thought I was asking him for the money so I hung up, and then phoned back to complain.
Chris x

Twiglet said...

I liked the old days when you could talk to someone that knew you at your own branch. They all say they record calls for training purposes - not sure what they are training them for then!!

MARY B said...

Know how you feel ,but I dont think any of the other banks are any better. I only stay with santander because of the fabulous staff in my local branch. Mary x

pinky said...

There's customer care in the UK? Where??? lol. The country is run by youngsters who don't give a damn but I won't go so far as to say all youngsters are like that cause I have come across some really polite young people who always make up for the nasty useless ones:) Hope you get sorted Keryn.

Claire x said...

Oh Keryn, please don't get me started on Customer Service - having been a Customer Relations Manager myself, I pride myself on dealing with and resolving problems, but you are so right - today people are young, rude, can't string a sentence together and couldn't give a toss about your problems. Not everywhere is like this however. QVC are excellent as are my bank which is First Direct. But don't get me started on people like Vodafone and Harveys (the furniture people) .... I find I only deal with people who have respect for their customers and can offer the service I want and would expect. Hope you sort your bank move soon! Hugs, Claire x

Squirrel x said...

Oh hun, you have sympathy from this direction too, and because of the same bank! A huge part of my job is Client Service and, thankfully, the feedback I get is always good. It is a shame that other companies don't appreciate the value of quality service. It goes a long, long way to making customers feel valued. Hope you find another bank soon. Hugs Sxx

Doreen said...

There is no customer service these days,they don't care either.xxx

Clare said...

Sorry mate, i agree with all of the above!!! all they give a crap about these days is earning money and nothing else. The only suggestion i can make Keryn is that Nationwide have always been really good the years i have been with them. I have heard heaps of bad stuff about Santander im afraid, especially if they have to pay people to join!!! so many people have not been paid the £100 as promised by them either. Hope you get it sorted darl. Big squidgy hugs, Clare xxx

Tasha said...

Ack that is awful! Unfortunately i think we are in times where all banks are concerned about is making money.
Im glad it got sorted though
love tasha xx

Claire Phillips said...

Keryn..we have a problem locally as it seems their cashpoints(do you know its an anagram? Satan nerd......)are refussing other banks cards! Cheers Claire x

Steph said...

Uhhh. I feel for you Keryn. I had such an awful experience with the Cooperative Bank when my Dad passed away it was horrendous. I spent months on the phone trying to sort things out with them. I used to ring them on a weekly basis for about 3 months!!!!! They gave us a fifty quid credit as compensation for all the trouble which just turned up in the business bank account with no word. All I really wanted was an apology. Hope you feel better after your vent!!! xx