Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My new ribbon storage

Ive been a busy bee today!
Makes a nice change I hear you shout!

This is what my ribbons looked like earlier, I hasten to add, this was just the loose cut ribbons, not the reeled ones as Id already done those a few weeks back.

I used scrap card and cut squares of 7cm then punched a half circle from 2 of opposing sides and began to wind the ribbon.  Finished off with a little rubber band, an A4 storage box and this was the result!

Keryn x


Claire x said...

You have been busy and they all look so neat and tidy now - great work hun! Hugs, Claire x

Crafty Chris said...

Fantastic job coming over to do mine.
Chris x

Jules said...

Wow Keryn

I am well impressed!!

Yours ribbons look fabby and so well organised .. .. you can see them so much better.. .. ... and arranged by colour too!!!!!

Mmmm.... Jules goes on a guilt trip and glances into the plastic drawer that holds her reel ends!!

Great idea.

Love Jules xx

Twiglet said...

Ribbon envy here Keryn!!
We have tried making some little armchair pocket/stores - pop over to my blog and have a peek!

pinky said...

Wow Keryn you have been busy. Its so neat and tidy looking now. When are you coming over to do mine;)

Sue C said...

Fabulous Keryn, I'm definitely in need of something like this, do you fancy at trip to Staffordshire any time soon ?? Sue C x

dutchess said...

Hi Keryn....yes and then you can come and do mine too.....I love ribbon and buy lots but somehow it just escapes all over the room!bought some lovely stuff at the NEC....now down to some crafting with it all....take care Margaret

coldwaters2 said...

Brilliant idea Keryn I have tried several times to sort my ribbons out and this looks the perfect way of doing it thanks for sharing.
Lorraine x

Claire Phillips said...

How organized are you Keryn - big pat on the back for that one. Mine definitely looks more like the top picture! Cheers Claire x

Clare said...

Ok Keryn when are you coming to Eastbourne next!!! they look awesome mate. I have mine all stuffed in a small rodent carry box at the moment!. Thanks for the ideas. Big hugs Clare Bear xxx

Helen Jolly said...

I love your ribbon storage..........mine looks like world war 7 honestly its a total disater
Im usually a need person but my ribbon situation is a disgrace!!!!!!! lol