Tuesday, 9 June 2009


I haven't been able to be online much in recent weeks so am late in accepting this lovely award from the very talented Teri over at http://teriscraftspot.blogspot.com/. Thank you very much Teri for thinking of me. The thing I like best about this award is that the recipients need to list 10 honest things about themselves. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's lists on this!!

The t&c's of this award are:
* I must thank the person who gave me this award, list their blog and link to it
* I must list 10 honest things about myself
* I must put a copy of the honest scrap logo on my blog
* I must select 7 other worthy bloggers & list their links
* I must notify the bloggers of their awards

I cannot promise to be able to find 7 recipients as Im aware that most people that I follow have had this award already!
In the meantime 10 things about me:

1) I dont like that folk tale of: Mondays child is fair of face..... I was born on a Wednesday!! There is only 1 day on this tale that is miserable and that's Wednesday!! Well, I didn't stand a chance did I?!!
2) At the age of 10 my needlework was put on display by the local council, it all went downhill from there!!
3) I hate the actions masquerading as customer service in this country these days.
4) I wish I was really good at one thing instead of being mediocre at most things!
5) I adore my two little dogs Poppy & Honey. Poppy thinks she is my baby, she follows me from room to room all day and all night!
6) I wish I could make a choice in less than 2 hours! (Typical Libran!)
7) I always wanted to be a midwife.
8) I was a driving instructor! Quite similar really in that in both jobs it actually paid to be a female!!
9) My Favourite film is The Green Mile and yet I hate sci-fi; hubby says it is sci-fi but I say thats it's 'magic' when the flies come out of his mouth!!! lol
10) I believe in reincarnation only because I figure that next time around it must be my turn to be a size 12?!

I hope Ive brought a smile to your face!

My recipients for this award are:



Teri said...

Hi Keryn :o) Yes you made me smile! It was good to find out a little more about you. Hope you have a great weekend!

Teri xx

strawberry fields said...

thanks keryn x

Amy said...

KERYN!!! :) if i could make a huge smiley the size of this text box i would! :) you totally made my day!! and of course it was fun reading about you! i'll hafta think of some good ones for myself :) THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!


LiveArt said...

Hi Keryn :) I'm so honoured you picked me for this award. I apreciate you thinking of me though I have to say I've decided not to post any awards on my blog. I've never been into this chain letter thing. :) But I enjoyed reading your answers and once again thank you for picking me:) Have a wonderful and creative day!!