Sunday, 7 June 2009

Donkey Smiles & Candy!

Hi, Ive not been following candy for a while now but on my usual trip around my fav blogs I saw this candy up for grabs by the talented Michelle in Texas who is celebrating 75000 hits and I just HAD to tell you; NOT because of the candy but because Michelle raises miniature donkeys and every saturday she uploads the latest photos. Lately there's been the new arrival of Cali (Ive fallen in love!!) and everyone's waiting with baited breathe for Vicki to have a baby too!

The only reason Ive listed this candy is so that you can have a quick pop over and see Michelles big family! They truly make my weekend! I hasten to add that Michelle's talented also in the cardmaking area and her really beautiful creations are also on her blog!! PLEASE pop over and see her donkeys and her cards!!
Ooooh, I just couldn't resist, Ive added a copy of her photo of baby Cali with her Mum, aren't they just adorable?! Methinks I need to move to US and raise donkeys too!!

Michelle's candy is available until 24th June! Her blog is

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