Monday, 29 June 2009


Hi again, on a roll now so
will load a couple of images of cards Ive made recently but for various reasons was unable to load.
This is PP's Lola, coloured with w/c pencils, all pp is also PP, die cuts QK, flowers from stash and base one stained. Everything else from stash.

Will be back in a mo with some more Lola!

Keryn x


Biscuitlid said...

Fabulous, love thes elolas and the colours you've used are lush. I think the boudoir papers are great with this image


Biscuitlid said...

sorry about my typing!

Louise said...

Hi, What a lovely card. I just wrote quite a long comment, but pressed on a link to test it and could not get back to blog oops --I ma not very good at blogging! I have started a business Send My Card or and I love cards like yours (I also saw some made by Paula).
I am hoping that if I can sell my existing stock, I can start to put cards like yours (and Paula's) on the site. If someone wanted this card 'sending for them', they could perhaps click on the card, and you would be sent the date they wanted it posting (people order cards fror months in advance), and then you could make it, write the message and post it --and of course charge whatever you felt was the right amount - they would pay with the order.
Best wishes