Friday, 5 June 2009

Tech Probs


Having recently had an expensive time with pc and printer (foolishly!) I was thinking all was well again to resume blogging but alas, still got a glitch so unable to download my latest makes.

But have managed to show my little girls enjoying the sun!

Have been blog hopping tho and enjoyed all of your lovely posts and hope to be back soon myself.

Have a lovely weekend.

Keryn x


Hope Jacare said...

Keryn - There have been loads of problems in the last week with blogger - so it may not be just you! Good to see you are partly back - looking forward to seeing new creations! Cheers Claire x

Jules said...

Hi Keryn

Sorry you are having techi problems - hurry up and get them sorted. I am missing your creations.

Love Jules xx

strawberry fields said...

oh they're so the pic:)
fiona cx