Sunday, 7 June 2009


Hi, back again! Just wanted to show a snippet of the gorgeous 'Pretty Lola' from Pink Petticoat. Im currently working on these images for cards for both daughters, 8 days apart, this month so will add those after the events but I tested it out first - as you do!
My girls may be close in their birthdays but they are chalk and cheese! My eldest beauty is Steph and she loves turquoise whilst Laura, the younger loves hot carnival colours. Steph is a cool blonde mind you and Laura is a colourful brunette so it does makes sense I guess!
Ive tried to find an image of them both but realising that they may well see it, I have to tread very carefully! Ive already had a finger wagging from Steph when I posted a photo on MY facebook page! Cheek of it!!
Having recently spent a small fortune on pcs, printers and a caravan (as one must!) the very next day we hear that hubbys job is at risk. Oh joy! Only time will tell so I'll carry on cardmaking until then I guess!
Sunny Southampton has only had a 2 minute shower all week yet I hear the weather's not too brill elsewhere in the country. Well, at least thats something good happening here right now!!


Hope Jacare said...

Keryn - Fab image love it and the great colouring. Good to have you back. Sorry to hear about the job - I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed. Love Claire x

Biscuitlid said...

mmm fab colours, I love those PP images, so pretty. Sorry to hear about DH job too, mine got made redundant the day we exchanged contracts on our first house!

Will keep my fingers crossed for you


pinky said...

Thats a really great image for your girls. I'm sure she will love this one. A caravan eh, don't come to Ireland we seem to have nothing but rain at the mo lol

Kate's Makes said...

Hi Keryn, thanks for my card comment - made me laugh! I spend ages on my cards adding all the clear glaze, glitter etc and then you can never tell on any of the photos! Rest assured though, your cards don't look like they're made by a 4 year old, they're fab! Kate x

strawberry fields said...

fab image! so sweet
fiona x