Sunday, 25 October 2009

Im now a PostPals Reindeer!


I hope everyone has had a really lovely weekend and enjoyed their extra hour! 

The reason Ive come on is to say that I've volunteered to be one of PostPals Reindeer!  Oh thank goodness it doesn't mean that I've got to climb on rooves or pull a sleigh as we all know that there are already 9 special reindeer that do that job, no, I've been allocated a little sister of a very poorly little girl who seems to be on borrowed time at the moment.  

My task is to send 9 letters to her during December each one from a different reindeer telling her all of the things that busy reindeers get up to at this time of year!  My jaw nearly hit the desk when I realised what I'd volunteered for but the more I thought of it, the more I am really looking forward to it!  I will start 9 reindeer diaries and store them so all I will need to do is hand write each one as and when it will be needed in December and hopefully Mr Postman will be able to deliver them.

If anyone would like to join in with either being a reindeer or being  an elf then please could you contact PostPals for more details.  All in all over 400 volunteers are needed and it needn't cost more than 9 postage stamps.

I'll let you know how I get on!  Wishing everyone a great week ahead - it's half term here in the South, so enjoy your kiddies or grandchildren!

Thank you for popping by
Keryn x



Enfys said...

What a great thing to be doing Keryn. I send cards to Post pals every so often (ever since DCM highlighted them) and I am sure you are going to make a little girl really happy
En xx

pinky said...

Well done Keryn, what a lovely thing to do. Will be interesting to see what stories you send her, I am sure they will delight her.

Hope Jacare said...

What a great idea Keryn - I think that is fab! If you want a doodle of a Reindeer to go on the front - just let me know - sure we could come up with something! Lovely!!!!

Marie Levite said...

Kudos to you for doing this! Can't wait to hear what you come up with.

michele said...

what a wonderful idea and kind thing for you to do I am sure she will love your reindeer letters. hugs mx

Liz said...

I doubt I would have time for that but dont mind sending a card selection box or anything that is not time consuming I honestly would if I had more time I came over her from claiir's blog wht a beautiful riendeer she has made you shes a total star What does the elf do I am doing a write up about claire tomorrow I will add your link too
liz xx

liz xx

Avril Ann said...

Keryn what a fabulous thing to do, I hope you enjoy yourself and I am sure your Post Pal will have so much fun, reading your the Reindeer that Clare has doodled for you what a talented lady she is.....good luck, I will post a link on my blog either today or early tomorrow....Hugs Avril xxxx

Cheryl said...

this is a great idea,love the reindeer that clare bless her has desinged for you,will have to find out more about this lots love cheryl xxx