Thursday, 29 October 2009

This is It


DH took me to the flix today and we saw the MJ film.  It was amazing but quite poignant.  He really, really still had it.  Dont believe reports that he was frail and unwell, he was as fit as a fiddle and his voice was just as it always was, unlike  some other artists of his age.  
How very sad that he was taken so suddenly & just 8 days before he was due to fly here to start the concerts.  I really wish he was still here.


ETA : The image of MJ's silhouette containing all differents shots from his film is actually a collage of his fans and Ive just found out that my photo is on there!  DH is a bit miffed!  Meanwhile, I am tickled pink!  lol


strawberry fields said...

Glad you enjoyed the film. It's so sad when lives are cut short but it reminds us to live each day to the full
fiona x

Enfys said...

I am going to see this next week, I had mixed feelings about going, but your review made me feel better about it... Have a super weekend
big hugs
En xx

Annie said...

Hi there! to answer your question about the tissue paper for stamping on and then putting onto candles - it's the sort that lingerie is wrapped in but doesn't have to be the posh stuff! Mine was packing in a recent stamp order and quite thin. There seems to be a smooth and a rough side so I stamped onto the smooth side - if you get the expensive stuff I think both sides are smooth. trim with a bit of edge around the design, it doesn't show up when your got the wax melted over it. hope that helps.
hugs, annie x