Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Fabulous Follower Award


Im popped on to say how thrilled I am to be amongst the few that my blogging friend Claire has nominated to receive this.  Firstly, many congrats Claire on you receiving it as you would definitely be on my personal list of best blogging followers as you never ever fail to comment on any of my varied posts!  And always in record time!  I swear youve got some sort of special thingey set up!

Its a tough one isnt it trying to think of particularly special followers and as I say, Claire would be in my top 3 anyway but along with Claire Id also like to forward this onto Wipso as just like Claire, she is always hot on the heels of any post I make!  Any follower award wouldnt be complete for me without my very first follower Pinky who is always there supporting whatever I get upto.  Thank You very much ladies, you make this world of blogging a very much nicer place to be, please take this award!
Keryn x


Claire x said...

Firstly you are very welcome and it's also very nice to know that I got it back too - cos I'm "SPECIAL" LOL. Have a fab day! Hugs, Claire xx

Wipso said...

Oh bless you. Thank you ever so much. You know the feeling is mutual.
Big hugs,
A x

Di said...

Hi Keryn! I've just hopped over from Wipso's blog - you chose a gem there for this award, she thoroughly deserves it. Love your blog, have been snorting with laughter (and sympathy) at your phone call saga posting. I know it's not at all funny but I do love the way you told the tale. What a world when we're the ones who have to change OUR phone numbers! We keep getting silent calls here - just waiting for the heavy breathing and then out comes the Girl Guides whistle!! Grrr!! Di xx

pinky said...

Now I feel really bad that it has taken me a whole day to get here Keryn lol. Thanks so much for the award:) sure I couldn't do without a dose of Keryn at least once a week lol.

Emma said...

Congrats on your award, very well deserved.
Hugs Emma x