Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Ive been a very lucky lady!

Hello all,

I wasnt planning on joining in with the Woyww as nothing is drastically different on my desk today until ding dong.  No, is wasnt Avon it was the delivery man with a super package from abroad.  Have a peep!

This is the bundle of goodies I received today from my American friend Vickie! I am so lucky especially considering when I sent over a package for her with something that she couldn't buy in the States yet loved, it had to go by pigeon post (aka surface mail!) and it took about 5wks to reach her - only getting there just this week!  
And do you know what I sent?  Teabags and Jaffa Cakes!
I feel so awful now as firstly, I didn't do it for anything back and look at all of the gorgeous stuff she has sent me.  I will make it up to her that's for sure!
Thank You Vickie!
The only thing I own by Stampin' Up prior to today was the beautiful buttons that I won and now amongst other delicious stuff Ive got 2 gorgeous sets of stamps and I can really see why they are so popular, the quality is phenomenal.

Thanks for calling in and enjoy the rest of your week!
Keryn x


Wipso said...

What a fab parcel of goodies Keryn. Well deserved I'm sure :-)
A x

Lynda said...

How lovely - it just goes to show that one good turn deserves another - your bundle looks fabulous!

Love Lynda xxx

Claire x said...

WOW lots of lovely goodies there Keryn - you lucky gal - guess you should send her Jaffa cakes and teabags more often LOL. Hugs, Claire x

Twiglet said...

Blogging certainly makes the world a smaller place doesn't it. AND haven't we made lots of lovely friends through WOYWW. Have great week. x jo

okienurse said...

OMG! Keryn you put too much value on the items there. You are a good friend to me lending an ear when I think I would go nuts otherwise. Would it help if I told you I spent absolutely no money on the stamps, paper pad, paper punch, paper clips, and beady things? I am a Stampin'Up! Demo and those were things I had recieved extras of. Since you live in Southampton and can't get US SU over there I thought you would like some of it. So do you like the can? My husband buys scotch whiskey and I make those gift tins out of his discard wrappings. The cards I made for classes. See not much in the way of money just lots of love and thanks for being a good friend coming your way!! Besides you need new stash for your new craft space and your birthday is coming up soon...I got all sorts of reasons for sending it!! I got the best part of this deal, or I think so anyway! I love Jaffa Cakes and Typhoo tea so don't underestimate the gift you sent.

okienurse said...

Oh yeah! I forgot to say the altered Whisky tin was a PIF from last spring so not really part of the gift!! I am such a procrastinator it took this long to get it to you! Vickie