Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Jack Russell puppy wanted!


This is a bit random, well not considering it's me, but we are after another Jack Russell and dont want to deal with a puppy farm nor can we afford most of the breeders fees.  Hence I wondered if anyone knows of any sensibly priced pups that need to be homed?
We would need a little girl so she would fit nicely in with the two duchesses that we already have!  We are also looking into rehoming a rescue dog but that also can be quite expensive.

Here's hoping someone knows of something!
Keryn x


Annie said...

Sorry Keryn. I can't help with a Jack Russell but I do have 3 little Cairn terriers I will happily share with you :-)
A x

Claire x said...

How exciting, another dog or 2 LOL. I am trying to talk Mark into having a dog, but its a slow process, however we have moved along on the wedding front, so shouldn't grumble. Unfortunately I don't know of anyone with Jack Russells, only other breeds, but have you tried the website Epupz? Just a thought - here's the link Epupz Hugs, Claire x

pinky said...

No help here either Keryn, my littl Squirt is not at himself these days:( Here is the link to that word maker. wordle

Jodi said...


I soooo wish you lived in the states. My neighbor has two Jacks and just took in a rescue Jack puppy as a "foster" home. They are desperate to find a wonderful new home for her as they can't keep her. Bummer that the pond is in the way! Good luck finding just the right choice!

Claire Phillips said...

How exciting Keryn - another bundle of fun to join the family! Hope you manage to find one soon, I'm sure it would be a very lucky puppy to come live with you. Thanks so much for my lovely card. I have been trying to leave a note since yesterday but blogger keeps kicking me off! Cheers Claire x

Emma said...

Good luck with finding another doggie, cant help I'm afraid.
Hugs Emma x

Gibmiss said...

Hi Keryn
Didn`t look at your blog early enough Daughtet in Coventry ...J.Russell has just had 6 puppies....they are gorgeous if you know any one else would like one ...she always sells them quick....
hugs sylvie