Thursday, 29 March 2012

Very naughty!


After a lovely but warm walk with the dogs yesterday at our favourite park I came home to decorate these little beauties!
I know I should have dusted them with a whisper of icing sugar but you know I have got my waist to think of!!  (cough cough!)
Having licked the spoon I was sugared up enough to buzz loudly but Steve still insisted on doing what he does best: the taste test with a mug of tea.
Apparently I'm going to be allowed to make them again he says!

Im still wedding party making so will be back with something to share soon, enjoy your week and thanks for your visit!
Keryn x


Annie said...

Oh yum yum.....I'm on my way round to join you for a coffee and bun [I wish] :-)
A x

okienurse said...

WOW looks yummy Keryn! Had I been there I would have had to join Steve with a cup of coffee and tasted them also!

Debbie said...

Hi Keryn, they look yummy.You've made some lovely cards lately. Have fun with your wedding party making.Hugs Debbie x

Twiglet said...

Oh Keryn - if only we were just round the corner!! A cup of coffee and one of those would be heaven!
Have a fab weekend. Its still sunny here - just perfect with a gentle breeze- ideal for spending time gardening!!

Happy Days said...

Yum - nothing like a bit of homemade cake! Have a fab weekend.

Claire xxx

dutchess said...

how georgeous are these real old fashioned butterfly buns just like my Mum used to make made my mouth water I bet two of these would just match a cup of coffee!....yes is never enough, take care lovely hugs Margaret

pinky said...

Oh yum love the butterfly cakes Keryn. Thanks for the Ikea tip, will be definitely checking those out!! Have a lovely weekend. We have no warm weather now, very very cold and a bit of trouble in the area too now:(

Mina said...

ooooo Keryn you have made me want a butterfly cake now...they look scrummy even without the sugar, that is so kind of him to allow you to make them again isnt it lol
Mina xxx

DebiJ said...

Oh I do like a lovely butterfly cake Keryn! So yummy xxx